Tips to increase your odds when betting on wrestling

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Wrestling is a thrilling sport that keeps you hooked on the entire match. These matches are exciting as every match has a buildup and a storyline creating rivalries amongst the opponents.

Wrestling matches have predetermined results, but that does not take away the drama of near-three counts, frog splashes, use of tables and chairs, or suplexes. You thoroughly enjoy every move.

Over the years, wrestling has become more of an entertainment and created its space within combat sports. The amount of money and fan following are huge, which makes it a lucrative business. Just when you thought it could not get any more exciting, online sportsbooks allow you to place bets on wrestling matches where you could try to win some money.

Betting on professional wrestling matches is still a new phenomenon, and the matches feel more personal as every move could affect your decision. However, there are several tips that may increase your odds when betting and could help you overcome the fear of betting.

Embrace yourself with knowledge

Despite its uniqueness, pro wrestling has some similarities with other sports. Pro wrestling betting involves researching the characters, strengths, and weaknesses of every wrestler on the roster, regardless of the promotion. There is some form of luck in pro wrestling, unlike MMA odds.

However, there is also a component of strategy, and you will be unable to make informed decisions if you don’t have the knowledge.

Different types of bets

Even wrestling has a variety of bets. You need to get familiar with the different kinds and understand which suits your interests and style. Matches with lower odds do not result in big wins. Thus betting on special events and picking unexpected events, like someone going through a table or someone interrupting the match, etc. Incidents like this may not always occur, so predicting any of them could increase your winnings.

Following the storyline

As mentioned, wrestling now follows a story and gives wrestlers an aim to fight for. If you follow wrestling closely, you will notice feuds, involvement of other fighters, new collaborations, team-ups, etc. It will help in guessing what could happen in an upcoming match. Paying attention to details is another way of improving your chances of winning.

Find the best odds

Bets made on wrestling are still finding their feet in the market and are not considered a go-to betting option. Therefore, there are not many online sportsbooks that offer odds, and if they do, are not appealing, and limit the number of bets one can place.

It is crucial to find the best odds, and usually, these are available for special events like Wrestlemania. The primary reason for online sportsbooks not featuring wrestling odds is based on the predetermined results, and these results could be leaked. Perhaps there are a few platforms that offer odds for wrestling, which forces you to be careful while doing research.

Start from low

Major wrestling events like Royal Rumble, Summerslam, or Wrestlemania can be more crowded and may have high stakes, which can make things difficult for those who play with small budgets. Therefore, it is better to explore less popular events and sharpen your skills before jumping onto major events.

The smaller matches have low betting limits and are less risky. It helps you in building confidence and learning about the ropes of wrestling betting.


Never place your bet early because writers are responsible for developing a storyline and creating hype around a particular match. It is harder to predict the result and the winner of the match a few weeks before. The odds will also be unfavorable for you and can cause damage to your bankroll.

Hence, it is always better to wait as much as you can and before things unfold. But you also don’t want to wait till the last second because then the odds may not favor you. Try to find a balance and learn about the sport as much as possible. It is also recommended to trust your gut, which requires a lot of practice and experience.

Be patient

If you are starting out or are unknown to the game, never jump on the bandwagon of betting. Always be conservative in your approach, watch the sports, learn about the rules, and then start betting with a small amount. With in-depth knowledge, you enable yourself to explore more options and compare different betting platforms.

Read up on the previous wrestlers, note their strengths and weaknesses, and review previous wrestling seasons. It is easier to place an informed bet when you have a thorough understanding of an event.


Betting on wrestling matches is still new, and with time, it will gain popularity and more attention. Because the sport itself is entertaining and engaging, the fans’ involvement makes it incredible to watch, which makes wrestling betting compelling and lucrative.

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