Three reasons Conor McGregor should join WWE

Conor McGregor is one of the most famous and highest-earning sports stars in the world today. The mixed martial arts fighter from Dublin in Ireland is a two-weight Ultimate Fighting Championship world champion and famously declared himself as “bigger than the UFC”. But despite having the world at his feet just a few years ago, his future remains unclear following a poor run of form and extended periods of inactivity. Fans are left wondering what’s next for Notorious, and there seems to be no definitive answer at this stage.

The top UFC betting online apps offer odds on the Irishman’s next move, and there’s an outcome for everyone, including the weird and wonderful. Fight fans can place their stakes on McGregor returning to the octagon and winning another UFC title before the end of the year. Others may prefer to gamble on him returning to boxing for a rematch with Floyd Mayweather or retiring from all sports. But there’s another option available to Conor, and that’s the one we will look closer at in this article.

Could McGregor be about to swap professional MMA for professional wrestling? Could the multi-millionaire boost his bank balance further by moving from the UFC to the WWE? It’s a possibility and one that is beginning to seem more likely as time goes on. The longer McGregor has out of the octagon and the more injuries he sustains in training, the less chance there will be of him returning.

Conor competing in WWE would have been laughed out of town at the height of his MMA career, but it’s now not as absurd as it once was. On this page, we give three reasons why it makes sense for McGregor to try out WWE.

Money-making machine

McGregor is known the world over for his fighting skills, but he’s every bit as talented when it comes to making money. Notorious has already proven he has a flair for business, and a recent report showed his earnings outside of MMA exceed the large sums of cash he has made inside the octagon.

Those money-spinning outside interests include creating and then selling his own brand of whisky and owning pubs. He’s a money-making machine, so it’s no surprise that the riches of WWE will appeal to him. Conor’s name, reputation and his skills would make him an instant hit in the sport of professional wrestling, and it wouldn’t be long before he was back in action and back chasing championship belts.

The cult following he enjoys in the UFC would follow him to WWE, and that makes it a win-win scenario for wrestling with the potential to add a huge name from sport to the bill while attracting millions of new followers. McGregor competing in professional wrestling has the potential to make Conor even richer and the WWE even more famous.

Grappling background

His grappling background gained from a lifetime spent learning BJJ and wrestling means Conor would hit the ground running if he turned his hand to the WWE. He has the proven skills, strength and determination to cut it at the top level, and that makes him an obvious choice for wrestling.

He’s athletic enough to compete with and defeat the top names from his weight division. The fact that McGregor has suffered from injuries in the octagon in recent bouts makes it difficult for him to come back, but that isn’t an issue in WWE. He’ll be better protected, with fights putting less strain on his kicking and injured legs and more emphasis on the strength of his wrestling. It’s not difficult to imagine Conor holding his own in WWE.

Big personality

To survive and thrive in WWE, you need a big personality, and any UFC fan knows that’s an area where Conor excels. He is a salesman who knows what he’s worth and showed in that famous boxing match with Floyd Mayweather that he can do his bit to help promote a contest.

A big part of WWE is being able to sell a fight, and we know that Notorious has no problems in that department. There are millions of fans hoping to see McGregor move over into the UFC and compete there full-time, alongside another star of UFC in Ronda Rousey.

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