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Things that show you are a die-hard wrestling fan

Wrestling is a sport that has fans of all ages, sexes, backgrounds, races and nationalities. But have you ever thought what really makes a true wrestling fan?

What differentiates a die-hard fan and someone who only watches Monday Night Raw once in a while?

This post takes a look at the things that show you are a true wrestling fan. If you’re reading this post then you’re probably a legitimate fan but most of us fall under that average fan category.

However, take a look to see if you agree or not.

You remember the first live wrestling event you went to

Many people remember the first time they ever attended a live football match, engaged in online betting, or met their favorite musician. The same way, true wrestling fans will remember the very first live wrestling event they went to.

They simply can’t forget the first time they saw a live performance that they continue to see these days even if it is on television.

You have your wrestling action figures 

Legitimate fans of anything, be it a rock band, sports team, or TV show, still have the collectibles of whatever they follow.

A true fan of Boston Red Sox probably still has baseball cards of their favorite childhood players. So why wouldn’t a true wrestling fan have their old action figures and other memorabilia from the time they started following World Wrestling Entertainment?

Take some time to look around. You may find some wrestling collectibles from when you were a child.

You’ve previously been to an independent or local show 

Hopefully, you’re lucky to live near a local promotion that regularly puts on shows. True fans will not just know it because it is a $5 ticket and being hosted in the same room as the one their grandmothers play bingo in every Wednesday night.

In most cases, the wrestling is performed by people who don’t just take part for the purpose of making a living but also for the love of the sport.

Anytime they advertise a local show, whether it is your favorite promotion or a new promotion, a legitimate fan will try his best to support guys from his locality.

You don’t mind wearing your wrestling T-shirt when going out 

True wrestling fans will not mind letting others know they are ardent wrestling fans. Some people watch Monday Night Raw every week but they wouldn’t wear the WWE T-shirts in public.

There’s no point in watching WWE if you cannot talk about it openly. Be proud to put on that MLB cap when going out with friends. Otherwise, you will not be a legitimate wrestling fan.

Nobody would bother to look twice when someone wearing a Dallas Cowboy jersey walks by, so why should the situation be different when someone wears Randy Orton shirt in public?

You ignore the “wrestling is fake” talk

You have probably talked about wrestling in the presence of someone who is not a fan and heard the words “wrestling is fake.” What else can you do other than to ignore them?

You can debate about the skills and athleticism that are necessary for becoming a professional wrestler. But when someone tells you over and over again that wrestling is fake, you simply need to ignore them. If you can do that, then you are die-hard wrestling fan.

You wanted to become a wrestler when you were growing up

We all had that dream career or occupation we wanted to be when we grow up. For a majority of kids, it was a doctor, engineer, astronaut, pro football player or anything that seemed perfect at the moment.

If you’re a real wrestling fan, your dream was to be like Bret Hart, John Cena, Hulk Hogan or any other pro wrestler in history.

There’s nothing as cool as walking on to a stage with people cheering hard so you can kick the crap out of your opponent.

Being a pro wrestler is like being a rock star, police office and pro athlete, all combined to form one person. All die-hard wrestling fans wanted, and probably still want, to be professional wrestlers.

Your favorite wrestlers includes non-mainstream superstars 

If you watch different styles of wrestling, you are likely to find favorite wresters in a number of areas. We all have our favorite wrestlers and there are many reasons why we love those wrestlers. Some people go for mic skills and promos whereas others like the gimmicks.

However, people who look at the in-ring abilities of wrestlers notice and pick indy superstars. The mix allows you to enjoy the gimmicks and promos of WWE superstars like Chris Jericho and CM Punk, while at the same time enjoying the technical wrestling of independent wrestlers.

If you have not watched indy shows before, you should consider doing so. You may find a new favorite wrestler.

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