The ultimate guide to online casino sports betting: the insiders’ tips, tricks, and strategies

If you do a fast Google search, you’ll find hundreds of online casinos offering to teach you sports betting tactics that will render you unbeatable. There are statisticians, advertisers, betting analysts, strategy advisors, mathematicians, and a slew of other experts all claiming to have found the elusive winning recipe that will allow you to reliably beat the odds and earn thousands of dollars week after week.

Is it worthwhile to listen to all of these “experts”? Consider if you have the time and emotional space to do so. These techniques, tricks, and tactics can help you improve your winnings, remain healthy and protected, and, most importantly, have fun when betting on sports.

What are sports betting?

Simply put, sports betting refer to placing a bet in an online casino, such as 888 casino, on the outcomes of live sporting events. An activity that has been flourishing for centuries, with plenty of ink (and plenty of research) devoted to figuring out the best ways to game the system and ‘beat the house’.

In essence, all you need to know to become a successful sports betting pro is your favorite sports and how to interpret these events’ outcomes. The outcome of the event itself can lead you to increase or decrease your odds, thereby affecting the amount that you deposit to online casinos. For instance, if a team in a particular sporting event is expected to win by a large margin, it is more likely to lead to a lower payout.

Why do people bet on sports?

Sports betting at online casinos are a big business. And because of the massive scale of the market, the odds are almost always favorable. Of course, there are always major upsets. In sports betting parlance, an ‘upset’ is when the underdog wins. For example, if the favorite team loses by more than one goal, that is an ‘upset’. If it happens on more than one occasion, it becomes a trend.

If you assume that betting on a sport is easy, you are mistaken. Much research needs to be done, and you need to know the rules and the data points that will affect your wagers. Why do people keep gambling, year after year? In truth, sports betting are never-ending. The list of games you can wager on is unending. What is more, the best betting sites always have offers which are too good to pass.

How to bet and win

The advice given by these “experts” is often simple. First, know your sport. Decide which sport you want to bet on, and you are on your way to a betting victory. For instance, if you’re an Australian cricket fan, you can bet on Australian cricket; if you want to bet on English Premier League, bet on English football; and if you’re going to bet on African soccer, bet on African soccer.

Once you have chosen a sport, it’s time to give a series of bets. Generally, you will need three different bets per game: the winner, the margin, and the spread. You’ll also need to factor in the second half-line (the +/- margin) and the half-time line. The +/ – goes in both directions, in case you bet on a game that’s tied at half-time. Generally, we say that a ten-point spread is a safe bet.

Strategies for different types of sports

One of the most important advantages of sports betting is that you can be assured of a near-100% win rate, regardless of the type of sport. Thus, whatever you choose to bet on, it will almost always end up in your favor. However, some sports have far higher win rates than others. Following these simple techniques can help you effectively bet on the most profitable options.

Cricket: Cricket is one of the most popular sports around the world and a game with a very high win rate. Staying away from certain markets is an excellent way to ensure that you will always be able to get more for your money. For example, teams like England, Australia, and Pakistan enjoy a relatively high win rate. Thus the odds will usually be far shorter. This allows you to maximize your odds.

How to maximize your profits

When you are about to place a bet, there are two things you need to do before you put your bet down: a) Figure out your target bet. b) Make sure you are placing the right bet. What is the target bet? If you wish to succeed, you must pick the required games. For instance, it is not advisable to select cricket matches if you aim to win. You must be betting on popular sports.

For example, NBA games are popular worldwide, and selecting basketball as your target bet will allow you to take maximum advantage of a global sport and gain a higher return on your investment. The right bet it’s all in the way you set up your strategy. If you are keen on high-profile sports, your target bet will likely return a high profit.


Though there’s no denying that it’s difficult to find out the right combination of betting strategies that will boost your chances of winning, it can definitely be done if you work hard enough. The first move is to locate trustworthy sports betting online casinos. Each online casino will offer a unique mix of great odds and welcome you to create your own casino profile, and it will keep your money safe while you play.

Next, find your preferred sports betting style, pick a game, and take your picks for live betting with an online bookmaker. While most of us prefer playing on our own, you can still choose to join a table at the online casino and play against others. This is called live betting, and betting on a live game of the same sport or team is riskier than simply placing a bet in a secondary market.

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