The top 5 best WWE logos ever

In business, when you are trying to draw people to your website or promote your service or product, one of the most effective means to do so is by using an eye-catching logo. Given it’s the first thing potential customers see, its importance can never be undermined as it will be a reflection of you, what your business does, and your ethos.

A logo is the strongest form of communication, and businesses are well aware of this. So, teams of people will sit around and decide what it is they want their logo to reflect and how they should go about doing that. This includes what colors they should use, how harsh the lines should be, and what they should say.

What is taken for granted in the business world is often overlooked in many other scenarios, specifically in fields revolving around the theatre, creativity, and, for this article, wrestling. The best wrestlers always have the most intricate, captivating, and communicative logos, giving viewers an immediate insight into what they can expect. Here is a breakdown of the top 5.

Brock Lesnar

Having a logo of a raging beast with the name of who it belongs to in block white letters is the perfect logo for Brock Lesnar. After starting at the WWE in 2010, it remained a mystery for a while who was ever going to stop him. Having such a freaky and intimidating image behind an intimidating freak of an athlete couldn’t have worked any better.

Shawn Michaels

What would be more apt for a flamboyant heartthrob than a beating heart with a blade right down the middle and a serpent around it? The whole image is perfect for the Heart Break Kid as it represents his image as well as the vicious nature behind his wrestling. The intricacies of what goes into a good and memorable logo in any industry are discussed in an article by 1000Logos.

Eddie Guerrero

To say that he was a legend doesn’t quite cut it. It’s difficult to describe exactly what people loved about Eddie Guerrero, but in the end, it all boils down to, basically, everything. A loveable presence who captured the hearts of the nation and undisputed WWE Champion as of February 2004, his Scarface logo holding the belt is the perfect homage to wrestling royalty.

Hulk Hogan

Thanks to his signature look and logo, the minute you see the colors yellow and red, you immediately think of Hulk Hogan. Without him, wrestling simply would not be the same. Absolutely everything about his imagery, including the way he styled his handlebar mustache, held his hand to his ear, and wore his logo, spells iconic.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

This is an incredibly simplistic design and one that may be a controversial choice to come on this list, but the numbers don’t lie. The Austin 3:16 design is the highest-selling shirt in WWE history, as such, it would be impossible not to mention just how influential it is.

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