The top 3 rivalries and feuds in WWE History

Sports fans worldwide enjoy watching rivalries and feuds between athletes, as they bring drama and excitement to the sport, making it more engaging. Wrestling is no exception, and some of the biggest feuds in WWE history have captivated audiences and left them wanting more. From Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant to Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks, these feuds have become iconic, symbolising strength and determination.

Many of these rivalries have been accompanied by increased betting, as fans rush to make wagers on who will emerge victorious, building up anticipation of these iconic wrestling fights. Today, betting apps in Australia are making these bets easier to place and giving wrestling fans more options to place wagers on the biggest rivalry matches. Many of these apps offer tailored odds for such wrestling events and even come up with prop bets.

As much as we would like to cover all the rivalries that have happened in the WWE, it would be a long and endless list. In this article, we’ll look at the top three rivalries that will go down as some of the biggest in wrestling history.

Sasha Banks vs Charlotte Flair

Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair’s rivalry has become one of the most iconic and influential. They managed to change the entire landscape of women’s wrestling quickly by showcasing their capabilities in the ring and making fans and pundits recognise that women can have main events that are just as impressive as mens’.

In the summer of 2016, Sasha and Charlotte returned to Monday Night Raw and quickly rose to the division’s top, leading a period of dominance in the ring. Their first feud was an epic back-and-forth battle full of incredible matches and personal rivalries. They competed in a highly-publicised rivalry, facing off in three consecutive pay-per-views, each with a unique stipulation.

In a historic first for WWE, The Women’s Championship was contested in a landmark match, with the first-ever “Hell in a Cell” and “Falls Count Anywhere” main events featuring female competitors. This rivalry highlighted the skills of Sasha and Charlotte, not only in their in-ring performances but also in their ability to command the microphone and electrify the crowd.

The constant promos and incredible in-ring action made these two women stand out from the rest of the roster. Their matches received as much attention and hype as any other on the card, proving women’s popularity in WWE.

Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant

The feud between Hogan and Andre at WrestleMania 1984 is one of the most famous in wrestling. It had everything; drama, excitement, and a lot of action. At the start of the match, Andre was the favourite to win because he held the WWE Championship for four years and was a giant compared to Hogan. But Hogan was determined to beat Andre and win the title.

Andre dominated the match at first, hitting Hogan with strong blows and kicks as the crowd cheered for the action. It looked like Andre would win, but Hogan had a secret weapon: his decisive move, “the slam that shook the earth“. With this move, Hogan lifted Andre and slammed him onto the mat with such force that the whole arena shook.

This move changed the match, and Hogan was now in control. He continued to overpower Andre and finished him off with his Atomic Leg Drop. Hogan then pinned Andre and went ahead to win the WWE Championship. It was an unforgettable match that marked a critical moment in wrestling history.

McMahon vs Austin

The McMahon-Austin feud is another iconic and heated rivalry in wrestling history. From 1998, this rivalry dominated the WWE and captivated viewers worldwide. Stone Cold Steve Austin, the most popular wrestler of the Attitude Era, went up against the owner of the WWE, Vincent McMahon.

The feud began when McMahon, a commentator by then, announced he didn’t want Steve Austin to become champion. To ensure defeat, he sought help from Mike Tyson as an enforcer. From then on, Austin started to challenge McMahon.

The rivalry was further fueled by Austin’s disrespect for authority, refusal to obey orders and defiant attitude towards everyone. Austin frequently bypassed officials in the WWE and made decisions on his own, often leading to confrontations with McMahon.

At the height of their feud, McMahon and Austin engaged in several high-profile matches, including:

  • The Royal Rumble match in 1999
  • A Steel Cage match at St. Valentine’s Day Massacre 1999

Austin also made numerous attempts to inflict physical punishment on McMahon, such as:

  • A Stunner on the stage during WrestleMania 38
  • Attacking Vince at the hospital in 1998
  • Kidnapping McMahon with a gun at Raw in 1998

These iconic rivalries in WWE have been incredibly dramatic and romantic. No matter the outcome, the matches kept audiences enthralled and captivated by the action.

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