The most successful Australian gamblers ever

Gambling, especially with the True Blue casino online, is a popular pastime that countless people have enjoyed for centuries. The thrill of placing a bet on this or that, whether it’s your favourite sports team to win the World Series or placing a wager on what numbers will be drawn in a lottery, can provide a definite rush.

You don’t have to look too far back in history to find examples of gamblers who have made fortunes from their bets. Here we list some of Australia’s most successful gamblers ever:

  • David Walsh – founder and CEO of the museum of old and new art (MONA).
  • Kerry Packer – a media tycoon.
  • Lloyd Williams – a property developer and a businessperson.
  • Alan Woods – a horse trainer.
  • David Edwards.

David Walsh – Founder and CEO of the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA)

The MONA museum is famous as an art gallery like no other; filled with provocative modern art installations, David Walsh’s gambling winnings funded its opening in January 2011. Walsh is the son of a Tasmanian dairy farmer and was raised in Launceston. It is said that while studying arts at university, he spent much of his spare time playing poker machines for money. As his winnings accumulated, Walsh moved to Sydney in 1990, where he worked as an art dealer before quitting the business after losing his entire capital in 1993. He returned to Tasmania with nothing but six figures worth of gambling debts, which he repaid by selling three paintings from his father’s collection.

David Walsh then opened his own art dealership called MONA. The venture managed to break even, but Walsh’s debts were once again piling up; this time, he owed over $30 million. With no more than $1500 in the bank, Walsh went on a gambling spree at Tasmania’s Wrest Point Casino, where he tripled his money, clearing over $50,000. It allowed him to pay off all of his debts and keep MONA alive while also giving him enough capital to build what would become the MONA gallery of today.

Kerry Packer – Media Tycoon

The late media mogul Kerry Packer was an avid gambler throughout his adult life. Over the years, he had experienced both success and failure at casinos worldwide, most notably visiting Las Vegas on many occasions for high stakes poker sessions with other celebrities such as British tycoon Richard Branson.

Packer was known to avoid most outside forms of gambling, but one occasion in his youth stands out as particularly unusual. One day he found himself at Manly Beach with nothing but a pair of tennis rackets and an unsigned, lettered ping pong ball, which he used for the toss before each serve. Unbeknownst to him at the time, however, the game had been rigged by his friend Howard Hughes so that almost every service would go into the net. The game continued for many hours until Packer’s friends grew tired of it and suggested they find another pastime; being young men with hot temperaments led them to chase seagulls around on bicycles.

Lloyd Williams – Property Developer and Businessperson

Lloyd Williams is best known in Australia for being the State of New South Wales’ most successful casino owner. He owns both the Sydney Harbour casino (which includes The Star) and Crown Melbourne, located on the banks of Port Phillip Bay.

Williams was born into a low-income family who owned an African trading post; at seven years old, his father had already died, leaving him to help run the family business with his mother. As he grew older, he discovered poker while studying in Paris, where he began learning how to play against some of Europe’s elite players while making large sums of money in doing so. After moving back to London, Williams bought himself a one-way ticket to Australia after learning about its potential as an investment market. Lloyd Williams is estimated to be now worth $4 billion, becoming one of Australia’s most successful casino owners with massive success in the hotel industry.

Alan Woods – a Horse Trainer

Alan Woods hails from Wollongong, where he has had a long involvement with horse racing. He is best known for training Fiorente which won the 2013 Melbourne Cup; it was his first win after many years of trying. Having grown up on a farm near Bermagui NSW, Woods went on to find work as an assistant trainer at Kembla Grange Racecourse before finding further opportunities at Sydney’s Warwick Farm and Rosehill tracks. After working his way up, Alan Wood’s big break came when he became the successful racehorse All Too Hard owner.

Today, Woods runs his own horse racing training facility. He also has homes in Sydney, including a luxury apartment on Bondi Beach.

David Edwards

The late David Edwards was best known as one of Australia’s most prolific casinos operators, opening many venues across the country. After dropping out of school at 16 years old, he began working for his father, who owned a local office supply company before eventually becoming a manager of an amusement arcade named Luminescence that featured pinball machines and fruit machines (pokie machines). Edwards acquired Casino Canberra with his business acumen before eventually buying Sydney’s Star City casino in 2002.

His gambling empire continued to grow through the 2000s, with purchasing Jupiters Hotel & Casino located on the Gold Coast, Treasury Casino in Brisbane, and Perth’s Burswood Entertainment Complex. However, later in his career, Edwards sold up all of his casinos due to being diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, he passed away at just 51 years old in 2010 while undergoing treatment; David Edwards is survived by his wife Nancy and their five children.

How Can I Also Be Successful in Gambling?

The best way to succeed in gambling is to make sure you know the ins and outs of what you are doing; this is through starting off on the right foot by using your money wisely and taking advantage of free games when you can get them. Also, make sure that it is solely for entertainment purposes only rather than trying to win large amounts (this will ensure that you won’t lose all your money).

Make the most out of your casino experience by joining reward programs that can help give back some of the casinos’ profits. Ideally, there are many different ways to succeed when gambling, with one or more of these opportunities open to anyone who wants. However, remember that not everyone has success in gambling, so it may take some time to find something that works for you.


Australians continue to find success with gambling through utilizing their business skills and making the most of opportunities that have been presented to them. Although being a professional gambler is not as common as it was, just remember that casinos are around for your entertainment and should be used as such. Also, to avoid losing money when gambling, you had better bet what you can afford to lose some money. It will enable you to enjoy your experience more thoroughly while also letting you keep the money in your pocket, which you may need later on down the track! Good luck!

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