The most popular casino movies you must watch

Movies are a very integral part of the human mind. They serve as educational tools, as well as information tools. The film also influences our decision making and our general way of thinking and doing things.

When watching a movie, several aspects of our day to day lives are depicted. Some films will display some acts like those of war, love, crime, and gambling.

In this article, we will focus on gambling, as depicted in movies and series. We are going to see some of the best casino movies and series to watch.

Most series and movies focus on poker and blackjack. Other casinos online UK games have not been displayed hugely. Maybe in the future, we may start witnessing actors using their phones to play online.

Runner Runner

Runner Runner is a 2013 Hollywood movie. It is coined around a true-life event. The story revolves around a student who uses proceeds from betting to pay up his school tuition fees.

Richie, the learner, at a later time finds himself in Costa Rica looking for a man centered on corruption in the casino industry.

The man (Ivan) subsequently introduces Richie to his dirty world, and things start to escalate into a real mess. The movie depicts some of the best casino moves. We see players making significant actions, betting, and loads of cash.

Molly’s Games

Molly’s Games is another film based on actual life events. The star runs a series of private poker dens which are high rolling. Her clients are the most revered people in the society and include world-known champions and business moguls.

FBI agents later raid her place and take her in at midnight. It turns out that her lawyer knew more than the other people involved in the case.

Here also we get to see various betting methods and the winnings people walk away with. You get to see real casino life in the movie.


Gambler is a 2014 movie. It revolves around a guy who places his bets in a highly private casino belonging to a foreigner.  He soon gets himself in deep debt but won’t allow his affluent family to bail him out. The man is from a renowned family that owns banks in his region.

He is adamant about working his way out of his debts to prove to his family that he can be independent.

There are exhilarating casino moves worth watching in these movies. It is one of the most-watched movies of all time.

Most casino films are set in the old school basis. Not many actors depict online betting. Let us stay put and wait for what the future holds. Remember, most movies do not bring about what happens in real life. Others don’t focus on the fundamental rules of the game. So, do not practice what you watch at home.


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