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Several wrestlers turned towards acting and made a successful career there as well. What is the reason for that? In wrestling, there is enough posing and crafting too when compared to acting. In both cases, you have to face the camera and in acting, you are facing both the camera and thousands of people too, it’s like a stage show where there are no retakes, you have to make your first shot the best one because it’s your last shot too. There have been some most renowned wrestlers that turned into wrestlers, like:

Dwayne Johnson

Hulk Hogan

Jesse “The Body” Ventura

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper

Andre the Giant

Dave Bautista

John Cena

Steve Austin

Kevin Nash

Bill Goldberg

We will today be discussing the most successful man in the above list that made a successful career in wrestling with a huge fan base due to his attractive name and style. This became a ladder for him to climb up and get into the world of acting as well. Today he is known as one of the most successful and respected Hollywood stars. Yes, you are right I am talking about “Mr. Jumanji” Dwayne Johnson “The Rock.” This former $320 million-dollar wrestler is today one of the most successful movie stars and fitness models too.


Every successful personality alive today has a struggling story from the past. No one can become great without getting lessons taught by life. Johnson also talked about his early life struggles while talking to The EXPRESS that his family had to evict from their Hawaii home when he was 14. A year later his mother tried to commit suicide by walking into the traffic, this was an incident that made him battle all the depressions. The father to two beautiful girls tied knots with his longtime girlfriend Lauren Hashian who is a singer and music producer.


42 years old Rock was born in a professional wrestling family in 1972. Numerous times WWF/WWE heavyweight title winners never thought of becoming a wrestler. Yes, despite belonging to a wrestler family where his grandfather Peter “High Chief” and father Rocky Johnson were professional wrestlers Dwayne had the craze of becoming a football player. Having a good physique and strong body Johnson was a great college football player for the University of Miami until an injury ended his career.

His debut was against Brooklyn Brawler in Texas. He entered WWF with the name of Flex Kavana. But a year after when he took the leadership of the nation of Domination, he called himself “THE ROCK.” In his successful career, Johnson won 17 WWE/WWF titles.

A lot of other wrestlers have tried their luck in Hollywood, but no one has ever managed to match the success of Johnson. Some of them have even failed badly like Kurt Angle who did embarrassingly bad low budget movies and Ted DiBiase who performed hilariously in The Martin 2. But all of them didn’t fail that badly. There are also some successful ones like Stacy Keibler, Steven Austin, Roddy Piper, Jesse Ventura, and the Big Show.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson with no doubt turned out to be the most successful wrestler turned actor of the 21st century. Some of the most famous money-making movies of The Rock on box office include The Game Plan, Get Smart, Fast & Furious, The Mysterious Island, Jumanji, The Rundown, Walking Tall, The Scorpion King and many more.

His first big splash was with The Scorpion King and in 2001 The Mummy Returns. And with these supernatural roles, the big guy also did a comedy role in Be Cool and The Game Plan in 2007. After that, he came up with the action series Fast & Furious 6 in 2013 and Driver in 2010. After that as a mighty strong man in Hercules in 2014. Pursuing his acting career Johnson didn’t leave the ring and came back from time to time with Hulk Hogan and Stone-Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania 30.

2015 was a dominating year for The Rock when he appeared in Furious 7 and San Andreas. He also debuted his first dramatic comedy series Ballers playing Spencer Strasmore, a retired pro footballer who turned into a financial planner. Then in 2016 an action-comedy Central Intelligence with Kevin Hart. 2017 was also a busy year for the star wrestler with starring roles in Fate of the Furious, Baywatch, and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. He also voiced the demigod Maui for the Disney animated hit Moana.

2018 was also a great year with Jumanji racking up the ticket sales becoming his highest-grossing film to date. The same year he also did a trailer for the famous movie Skyscraper in which he did death-defying stunts with a prosthetic leg. This versatile actor also hosted a 10-episode unscripted competition show The Titan Games that gave normal people a platform to change their lives and do something extraordinary.

He then returned in 2019 to his wrestling roots by playing a role as himself in a true story based upon a female wrestling champion Saraya Paige Bevis and the same year returned to his action mode with Fast and Furious Spinoff Hobbs & Shaw with Jason Statham.

The story of this fella is a No Brainer. No wrestler has ever achieved this height as an actor as The People’s Champion. This former college football player proved to be the most charismatic wrestler ever who parlayed his popularity and charm into a raise on the silver screen as the most successful wrestler turned actor. His first appearance on the big screen as the Scorpion King in which his acting was not that good is the reason for his story is surprising that how he managed to climb up so much in his career as an actor. The reason was his will to take risks and have fun which made him bigger day by day. He did everything from silly kids’ movies like The Tooth Fairy to dramatic roles like in Snitch. Only his courage and hard work took him to some successful big action films like Fast & Furious, San Andreas, and Skyscraper. He has proven himself to be “The Rock” in the wrestling arena and on the silver screen as well.

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