The most downloaded mobile wrestling games from 2018


Wrestling has always been a popular sport, but since famous WWE wrestlers transitioned into multi-million actors, the sport has gained much more attention from the media. As a result, wrestling fans have been treated to a cyber-recreation of their most loved body contact sports. As you are probably well aware, mobile technologies have become main stream for gamers and a combination of sports and video gaming has never been lost on either of the two enthusiasts. Through the recent evolution of mobile technology, gaming has turned into realistic 3D re-enactments of famous sports stars.

Here is our list of the most downloaded mobile wrestling games from last year, which will undoubtedly still be hot and happening entering the middle of 2019. Check them out, download them or play them through your phone’s web browser. With limitless options, you could rule the ring and beat opponent’s right from your mobile.

EA Sports UFC

For the ultimate one on one contact wrestling game check out the hottest gaming introduction by EA Sports. If you are a UFC fan you will be well impressed as you see prominent figures in the competitive sport gracing your Android screen.

The game boasts 4 divisions which allow players to progress and unlock up to 70 characters as they move up and add to their gaming career.

Additional features include a range of live events and a leader board to keep track of multiplayer scores.

MMA Fighting Clash

Although MMA Fighting Clash has been one of the most downloaded wrestling style games, it hasn’t quite reached the level strong critics would like the game to reach. The graphics aren’t as refined as modern wrestling games but the interactive gaming style has managed to allow users a different kind of gaming experience, probably why it never lost its appeal on wrestling fans. With over 100 customizable wrestling signature moves, there is little room for boredom. Download this free game to access a bunch of additional features.

Real Wrestling 3D

Currently rated as the number one app for mobile wrestling games, Real Wrestling 3D is as the suggests, a 3 dimensional gaming realm of high quality graphics, interactive gameplay, magnificent sound quality and one on one combat styles to leave you practicing when its game over. Enjoy pro league and cage mode fighting styles sporting real time wrestling moves. In app purchases are available to kick start your wrestling gaming career.

Wrestling Revolution

Not as popular as Real Wrestling 3D, Wrestling Revolution has nonetheless managed to capture the audience’s attention through a series of additional features that enhance gameplay experience.

One of two game play options is available to you here which are the Booking and Fight modes. Booking mode is more of a freestyle gaming experience allowing you to pull whatever weight you have to enjoy the round. Fight mode on the other hand, well that is for pros who have found Booking mode to become somewhat stale. Here you use legitimate and strategic attack stances, grapples and pin downs to annihilate your opponent. The game can be downloaded at a small price and in app purchases are there for additional support and features. The creativity is quite impressive although the graphics could use some work.

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