The Great War has arrived in the WWE!

So, you love wrestling? Then, are you aware of the recent news from the House of Hardy? And, yeah! Have you gone through Dealslands? Well, it has a lot of lucrative coupons that you can grab to buy tickets for the foremost wrestling events at an affordable rate. However, if you want to enlighten yourself about what exactly happened in the House of Hardy recently then just read ahead:

Anthem Sports has recently altered their policy while letting the former talent persisting with their gimmicks. Moreover, Matt Hardy had even taken a strong stunt on the WWE television. The scenario might seem like that it has taken a lot but it finally became a reality and many things came ahead together which even included the rebooting of Vanguard 1. It is definitely making sense that the drone from Hardy is not the only familiar face which is going to emerge on Raw very soon.

If you don’t have an idea

During almost throughout 2016, the saga of Broken Matt dominated over the Impact Wrestling as the Broken Hardys were continuing on their Expedition of Gold and they were even creating a dominance in reaching everywhere. After the comeback of Matt and Jeff Hardy to WWE at WrestleMania 33, it seemed like that they had a return to their team Xtreme Gimmick while leaving the Broken Universe back in Impact Wrestling because of the reason that they will not let the intellectual property to go off.

The core part of the matter

At Raw, Matt Hardy received a proper beating from Bray Watt on this week. In fact, he was suddenly breaking in front of our eyes and the things seemed like that they came together again. This theory took the foremost position when Anthem Sports claimed that they would amend their talent contract and allow them to take their gimmicks with them while leaving the company. The same fact even applied to the former talent which meant that the Broken Universe was finally expected to come home to the famous House of Hardy.

Speculation of Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The assumptions turned true when Hardy was woken rather than being broken off in WWE. But, it was even a true speculation that whichever moniker they might have opted for, it would have been similarly incredible to hear the same kind of storytelling from them on a WWE stage.

Although, the official Twitter account of Vanguard 1 was dormant and since February it has sprung back to life while showing a GIF of a computer that was booting up. Matt Hardy soon gave a reply to his old friend while informing his drone that the time for returning to the trenches of the Great War had come. Some amazing things happened around and we were lucky enough to experience the same!

Moreover, Matt Hardy even came up with an epic video which shows that he is ordering a ‘Senor’ to himself so that he can procure the coat of battle. It can be pretty much assumed that he was talking about none other than Senor Benjamin here!

What’s Coming Up?

It is needed to pay a keen intention to everything that Matt Hardy does. It’s because each little action from him is supposed to be a stride towards something very huge. If WWE is concerned about saying anything then the Woken Universe is expected to be far bigger than the Broken Universe could ever be.

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