The different ways you can bet on wrestling (and win)

Do you have a passion for wrestling and would like to add to the excitement by placing a little bet on the result? This can be a fun way to add even more enjoyment as you watch your favorite wrestlers throw down in the WWE or similar.Or perhaps you are even looking for an extra way to earn some income. In general it is never a good idea to look roulette online as a way of generating money, and in particular as a way of paying your bills. However, there are certain betting approaches which you can use to increase your chances of winning, and in some cases almost guarantee certain returns.

In this article, we look at the different ways you can bet on WWE and other forms of wrestling, with varying chances of financial returns.

Can You Bet on WWE?

At this point you may be wondering, how do you bet on WWE? Although by now at least most of us know that WWE wrestling matches are staged, you can actually bet on the results of these matches. This is because although the fights are scripted and the winners and losers are already determined before the fight starts, only a very limited number of people know what this result will be. Therefore, a number of online bookmakers, some specific to wrestling and others general sportsbooks, will let users bet on the results of the fights.

This means that, like any type of online betting on sporting matches, you can place a bet on the outcome, and depending on the result and the odds, you may receive a generous pay out in return. Gambling of course is heavily based on chance, however there are things you can do to bring the odds of success more in your favor, including having a degree of knowledge to help predict the result, and employing certain techniques and strategies. We will look at these in more detail in the sections below.

Take a Punt

The first and most obvious way to bet on wrestling fights is to simply place a bet. You can do this with a number of online bookmakers: typically you will need to sign up for an account, and then will be able to place bets online. Your winnings (if they eventuate) should then be credited to  your account.

Betting on a result, whether wrestling or any other kind of sport, doesn’t need to be a stab in the dark. Having some knowledge of the sport and doing extra research on the particular fight or match will help you to make informed decisions and increase your chance of winning. In staged fight leagues like the WWF this is obviously even more complex than when betting on traditional sporting matches, whether boxing, football or horse racing. In these kinds of sports you can look at factors such as past form, injuries and experts predictions to make a best guess as to who will win. In the case of WWE the process organisers use to determine the result also has its own internal logic.

Money Line Bets

A money line bet is a particular type of bet. This basically is a bet that a particular athlete or team will win an event, and is not specific to how they win or by how much. In other words, they just need to win at all and you will win your bet! This have the advantage of being simple and straightforward, meaning that your chances of making a mistake are much lower than compared to complex bets.

This sounds simple enough, but it can be a little confusing when it comes to how sportsbooks present and pay money line bets out. The important thing to understand is how odds are presented. When placing a bet on, on a fight for example, you should look at the odds which are being offered by the online bookmaker. Obviously, sportsbooks don’t offer the same odds on every fight and every athlete – if they did, they would lose out significantly on the favorites. Therefore they offer better odds for the underdog.

Money line odds can be present in three different ways: American odds (+100), fractional odds (1/1), and decimal odds (1.00). Generally, US sportsbooks and online bookmakers use the first one. In American odds, the favorite will have a negative “-“ sign, and the underdog will have a positive “+” sign next to their betting odds. The bigger the number, the bigger the favorite/underdog they are. The key to making a good return on a bet is to finding the surest bet at the longest odds.

Matched Betting

If you want to take the guess work out of betting entirely, you can use the matched betting technique. Matched betting is not gambling, but rather a particular strategy which involves placing two bets at the same time on the exact opposite result, at the same odds. Of course this means that your winnings and losses will be exactly the same. The trick is to use free offers given out by online bookmakers to place one of the bets, meaning that you essentially pocket the amount of the free bet, and generate a small profit each time.

Sites like profitaccumulator.co.uk can connect you to information on how to use this technique effectively, how to find free offers, and link up with online peer support to make the most of your matched betting. There is a growing community of matched bettors online who report making a regular, steady profit from using this technique.

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