The best female WWE wrestlers of all time

WWE has achieved massive success since its inception in the early 1950s. Today, WWE is home to many superstars that have gone on to achieve mainstream success, such as ‘The Rock’, John Cena, and Alexa Bliss, to name just a few. The success of WWE is evident and still carries a devoted following, mainly due to the legendary superstars that made it so popular in the first place, the new personalities that continue to keep it relevant in the 21st century, and the engaging storylines that have managed to keep fans entertained till this very day.

With such a huge fanbase, it’s only normal that the world of the WWE goes beyond the actual wrestling show in today’s world. This is seen through the merchandise in several stores, the official WWE video games released, and even casino games such as the WWE Legends rtp slot game. As mentioned, a big part of this is due to the legends of the show that made it what it is today. However, in this article, we will solely focus on the legendary female WWE wrestlers that have contributed towards the popularity and success of the show. Read on the learn more about the best female WWE wrestlers of all time who made it to our list!

Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss is one of the most successful WWE wrestlers. She was the first woman to become a three-time time RAW Women’s Champion. When she moved on to WWE, she immediately drew attention thanks to her skills and stamina in the ring. Alexa quickly then became the first two-time Champion in Women’s Tag Team wrestling in WWE History. Later in 2018, she even won the women’s ‘Money in the Bank’ Ladder Match. Her stage persona is as frighting as her accomplishments, as well as her rivalry with Bayley and ongoing feud with Shayna Baszler.

Brie Bella

Brie Bella formed part of the popular wrestling duo ‘The Bella Twins’. She and her twin sister managed to develop a successful brand for themselves over the years and are also entrepreneurs. One of Brie’s main achievements was becoming the WWE Divas Champion along with her twin sister, making them the first twins in WWE to win this title.

She was also inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame and made sporadic appearances in the ring, the latest being on the 25th anniversary of Raw. On another note, It is also worth mentioning that Brie Bella is also famous for her work in the Women’s Revolution movement in WWE.

Natalya Neidhart

Natalya Neidhart hails from a WWE lineage and is one of the best WWE female wrestlers of all time. Her career began back in the 2000s, and she is still very much active today. Natalya is a skilled and ruthless wrestler that has won the prestigious Divas Championship, the SmackDown Women’s Championship, the SuperGirls Championship, and has even won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion with her partner Tamina. Natalya is a legend to the WWE women’s division, being one of the most respected and hard-working wrestlers in history of the show.

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