T & D’s Indy Top 5 for July 2017

What a month for the independent wrestling circuit on Floslam! The independents continue to impress with spectacular matches and show performances all around.

With the Mae Young Classic Tournament taking place on the WWE Network beginning August 28th, it seems like the independent wrestling circuit is trying to compete by offering its own tournament in the all-women’s fed, Shine, but more specifics on the tournament later. Suffice to say that the independent wrestling circuit continues to make itself a force to be reckoned with. Now, let’s begin our top five countdown!

5. Jason Kincaid versus Tracer X – PWX

This is how we do it. There was a terrific combination of mat wrestling, acrobatics, and technical wrestling on display between these two competitors. Kincaid’s strange meditative trances only added drama to the match. However, it was Kincaid’s use of the rafters of the building which earns this match the number five spot on our countdown. Not only did Kincaid execute a maneuver which left him hanging from the rafters, but he proceeded to walk the rafters using his hands. Kincaid’s monkey business was certainly impressive to watch, and was not all diminished by his repeating the action the next day during another match. Kincaid’s victory from his leg drop off the rafters added the finishing touch to this absolutely amazing match.

4. Shine Women’s tournament – Shine 43 and 44

The ladies of Shine deserve much praise for completing in this grueling two day tournament. Competitors included all three members of the Cutie Pie Club, Kiera Hogan, Candy Cartwright, and Aria Blake. Another challenger was Jordanne Grace, who with some seasoning could give WWE star Nia Jax a run for her money. However, the ultimate prize, the first-ever Shine Nova Championship, went to Priscilla Kelly, who wrestled an impressive four times in two days in order to claim the title. If WWE isn’t looking to sign Kelly they certainly should be.

3. Allysin Kay versus LuFisto – Shine 44

While this match was not part of the tournament it was still an impressive showing by these two women. The drama actually began Shine 43, when Kay competed as masked superstar, Maria Maria. The winner of the match won the opportunity to compete for the championship the next day. Maria Maria won, and was revealed to be Allysin Kay, who had a long-standing rivalry with LuFisto.

The two women went on to put on a brilliant match. They used every part of the arena. They also brilliantly used foreign objects including beer cans in the match. They also knocked the referee unconscious multiple times during the match. Allysin Kay almost had the match won when another wrestler dressed as Maria Maria interfered causing LuFisto to win the match. The wrestler was unmasked and revealed to be Brandy Lauren, who used to be Allysin Kay’s best friend. This creates a compelling storyline that can be used at the next Shine Event.

2. Zack Sabre Jr versus Timothy Thatcher – Evolve 88

This championship match was extremely slow paced, but it was mainly due to the methodical technical wrestling skills of the two competitors. For those fans who may have expected typical cruiserweight style wrestling from Zack Sabre Jr. because of his participation in WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic last year, they would be sorely disappointed. Zack doesn’t use the typical highflying style of WWE’s cruiserweight division which is probably why he didn’t earn a contract with WWE after the Classic was over. However Zack’s technical mat wrestling style certainly appeals to many fans of independent wrestling, and Thatcher matched his opponent hold for hold. However, Zach was ultimately victorious.

1. Zack Sabre Jr versus Fred Yehi – Evolve 89

First off, we would like to acknowledge that Zack Sabre Jr made it into our countdown twice this month because he’s simply that good. It should also come as no surprise that his opponent is Fred Yehi, who was ranked twice in our June countdown. The combination of these two wrestlers made for an incredible match that simply had to take the number one spot on our countdown. Both of these men are exceptional wrestlers, and both have extensive knowledge of technical and mat wrestling.

So, we saw the two continuously placed each other in holds and counter holds such a fast rate that throughout the match we often could never be sure who had the upper hand. It was the fast pace of Yehi which more than likely accelerated pace of the methodical Zack Sabre Jr. Ultimately, after two grueling matches in a row, somehow Zack Sabre Jr was still able to retain his Evolve championship belt.

That’s it for this countdown you next month wrestling fans.

Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck is the Total Divas and Total Bellas reporter for Wrestling-Online. She also writes the T&D Indy Top 5 monthly article.

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