T & D’s Indy Top 5 for August 2017

As Summer turns to Fall, the independent wrestling circuit shows no sign of cooling down anytime soon. While August may have only brought five new wrestling shows on the FloSlam network, these shows were jam-packed with enough action to leave any wrestling fan eagerly waiting for September to see what exciting shows next month will bring. So, without further ado, let’s begin our top five countdown.

5. Fred Yehi versus Ethan Case – Style Battle – Season One Episode Six

This match makes our countdown mainly because it helps to demonstrate that the independent wrestling circuit is capable of developing a storyline without the benefit of the weekly programming and video packaging that the WWE enjoys. For the past two shows at Style Battle, popular wrestler Fred Yehi has made it to the final battle of each tournament only to be thwarted in the end. Thus, this Style Battle was said to be Yehi’s final opportunity to be in the Style Battle finale. However, the match was not completely given to Yehi. Ethan Case fought valiantly using a combination of attempted submission holds, and strikes as well as use of the entire arena to give Yehi a run for his money. Ultimately, however, it was Yehi who was victorious.

4. Stormy Lee versus Priscilla Kelly for the Shine Nova championship at FIP

This first defense of the Shine Nova championship was a masterful display of talent by two of the independent wrestling circuit’s finest female wrestlers. For those who were expecting a match dominated by hair pulling and scratching, you watched the wrong match. Priscilla Kelly used her masterful kicking and striking abilities to defeat her opponent. However, Stormy Lee could defend herself well using submission holds with ease. However, these ladies are ignorant of the fact that majority of wrestling fans also enjoy a little sex appeal to go with their female wrestlers. While Stormy Lee’s ring attire gives off a sexy secretary vibe, Priscilla Kelly’s sexy vampire image has caused her to develop a cult following. Also, her licking of the Shine Nova championship only adds to her creepy mystique.

3. Ethan Case versus Parrow

In ACW they don’t announce all the matches on their card for each show. However, sometimes these unannounced matches provide the best entertainment for fans watching both in the arena and online. There is no better example of this than the unannounced match for the ACW Heavyweight championship. Even though Ethan Case had already had a weekend filled with wrestling matches having competed in Style Battle just days before, he still managed to defend himself against the big man, Parrow. Typically when giants like Parow have matches against smaller wrestlers, they generally win without giving the smaller man much of a chance. However, this wasn’t the case in this matchup. Case managed to hold the big man down for a two count multiple times during the match. In the end though, Parrow slammed Case up against the wall of the arena, which allowed Case to be thrown for a loop allowing Parrow to eventually retain the championship using a maneuver similar to Brock Lesnar’s F5.

2. Darby Allen versus Timothy Thatcher

At Evolve 90, this was the best match on the card for many reasons. The main reason that the match was so good was that it was Timothy Thatcher’s farewell match because he’s leaving Evolve. Both men put forth an outstanding effort throughout the match. There was a time where both men exchanged three reversals in a row. Ultimately, as is usually the case in farewell matches, Thatcher’s opponent emerged victorious. The highlight of the match actually came after ended when Thatcher said a touching goodbye to his manager, Stokely Hathaway. Hathaway begged Thatcher to go, but Thatcher maintained that he had to. Thatcher then embraced his manager, and walked off into the sunset.

1. Matt Riddle versus Lio Rush

Thatcher wasn’t the only wrestling who said farewell to Evolve this month. 22-year-old Lio Rush also signed a contract with WWE recently, so he had his final match with WWN champion, Matt Riddle. There have been rumors that the match was originally scheduled to be a title match, but Rush’s imminent departure made giving him this title pointless, because when wrestlers go to WWE they must vacate all titles from other federations. However, the lack of a title didn’t stop competitors from putting on an excellent match. Both men put on a match using a combination of wrestling holds and highflying maneuvers at the end of the match, both men embraced which is a sign of high respect and esteem.

Keep watching this website for more of T and D’s indy top five including a special article about the 3 Day German Tournament taking place this October.

Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck is the Total Divas and Total Bellas reporter for Wrestling-Online. She also writes the T&D Indy Top 5 monthly article.


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