Sports Betting in WWE Explained

WWE is the pinnacle of professional wrestling in the USA and although the event is generally scripted to offer fans wholesome entertainment, the bouts are genuine. WWE is very popular among sports betting enthusiasts and the legendary rivalries between professional wrestlers have been known to keep the fans and sports bettors on the edge of their seats during high-flying competitions.

Betting on WWE is a major industry and if you’re looking to try your hands at sports betting, visit Casino Bee for the entire list of reputed operators in your region. WWE is unlike any other wrestling event, and if you plan on placing a wager here there are certain tips and tricks for success. Before we get started, it’s crucial to understand the basics of the sport and how WWE works.

What is WWE?

WWE is a part of the World Sports Entertainment franchise that focuses on wrestling. Glitz and glamor are the major highlights of the event and the wrestlers play a crucial role in upholding the craziness that the fans love. Generic rules of wrestling apply during the bouts although certain special matches dictate the rules of the game.

Prime examples include Royal Rumble where the last guy inside the ring wins. Other examples include the Table, Chair, and Ladder match where the first person to climb the ladder inside the ring and collect the belt hanging from the ceiling wins. Similar bouts include the notorious Cage Match and Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Betting on WWE

The hosts keep the story well protected and hence rigging the outcome is impossible. Although many bouts end up one-way, the odds of winning are usually even. Betting on results is the most common form of gambling and is preferred by fans. This is ideal for one-on-one bouts. Although, predicting the outcome can be a little difficult in tag-team matches involving multiple wrestlers.

Betting on retain titles is the next popular variation on the list, although be warned such events can lead to inconclusive results. For instance, matches ending in disqualifications, forfeit, draw, or submission will end without a result. Betting on a wrestler to retain their title has similar odds as winning the match.

The next interesting variation is near fall where you bet on the wrestler who almost wins the match but fails in the end. Pin down is the most common confirmed way of winning, although knockout and submissions are equally popular. Lastly, WWE has two brands, Raw and Smackdown. There are periodic competitions between wrestlers from both brands. Cross betting is quite popular during such events.

Apart from the two mentioned above, WWE also created NXT back in 2010 as a viable franchise. The plan worked better than initially expected and NXT became a brand of its own over the next few years. NXT UK was formed shortly and televises bouts outside North America. NXT matches are very popular with sports bettors as these events are hosted a few times every year.

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