SPONSORED: Will Fulham avoid the drop

In this season, Fulham can be boldly called one of the main failures of the EPL. The team that was supposed to fight for some space in the middle of the league table has entered the failure zone.

The main reason for the “cottagers’” problems is their terrible defense. For them, missing 3-4 balls is customary practice. The management has long put up with it but the main coach was retired and his position was taken by legendary Claudio Ranieri.

However, even he couldn’t improve the situation at the first matches. But the team left the last line behind and the impressive closeness in the league table may let it rise fast. It’s quite obvious that Fulham FC is a club that can fight for entering the Europa League but not for avoiding the drop out of the English Premier League.

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What to Expect from the Club in the Second Half of the Season

In the second half of the season, the cost of error is getting higher, so it’s necessary to have a special attitude towards every match. Fulham has quite a good squad, so the team is able to improve the current situation. One of the keys to success is more secure defense, as the “cottagers” don’t have global problems with the attacking line.

Also, the rumps of the team at this long distance are:

  • individual leaders’ mastership;
  • coach and genius Ranieri;
  • weaknesses of key competitors;

Now, the Italian coach is setting quite a difficult task. He needs to save the team, not let it fail, and make it develop, as everyone expected that the club would make progress and show the same striking and attacking football, as it did in the last season of the Championship.

Of course, the Premier League is an absolutely new level but Fulham that has such a high potential shouldn’t play so bad, as it did in the first half of the season. The fact that the team will have enough time to rise in the league table delights the fans too. Ranieri knows how to cheer the team up for a deciding match, so the football players shouldn’t be scared with such a coach.

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