Space optimization: what you should consider?

If you live in a small flat or house, we know the lack of space is definitely a problem you have to face in your everyday life.

Of course, the ultimate solution for such issues is simply moving to a bigger place, but that isn’t always “so simple”, especially if we think about the financial side of such a big change.

Another popular option is storing your things in a garage, container or special box, but that is also not so practical, because you have to spend time on getting to that place. Fortunately, there still are some other solutions.

Have you thought about your interior furniture? Maybe you could make better use of your closets or free corners? Here are some tips for optimizing the space of your home, and some solutions you could implement, depending on the configuration of your home.

What about closets, dressers and chests?

Naked walls and free niches are an important asset to save space. There, you have the perfect zone with the height and width that you just have to take advantage of!

You have surely found that your closets are not practical enough and that their space could be optimized. Depending on the destination of the storage, you can choose items of a good enough quality and a price corresponding to your idea of ​​how it should all look in the end.

For example, your bedroom closet is equipped with only a few shelves and a hanging rail. You lose a lot of storage space on the top. A closet arrangement allowing you to install as many shelves as you want and to double the wardrobes would give you a complete walk-in closet.

Bingo! Now you can get rid of your old, minimalistic, Scandinavian wardrobe bought during your student years and gain new space for other personal belongings. In addition, you have found new storage space for your duvets, suitcases and other bulky things.

Sure, to enjoy the maximum height of your home down to the millimeter, you might need a custom closet arrangement. The latter will allow you to enjoy full use of three-dimensional space, ensuring that every inch is optimized.

There is also another way of fitting a dresser or cupboard against a wall that has always been empty because of the opening door – a sliding mechanism. This type of door can help you make the most of your space. Indeed, there is no clearance needed with a sliding door. And you save space for your passage areas.

Find the proper dresser for your little things

Some people believe that installing a dresser in a room takes up space, that it clutters the space and uses only half of the height of the wall. But, be sure it can also put wasted space to good use.

For example, you have no space for linen and towels in your bathroom, but you would like to keep them all there. The only problem is that, between your washing machine and your bathtub, the space is quite limited. The dresser dimensions you find in usual stores are not suitable. Installing a special, custom made, outlet dresser can be the solution! Where to find such an unusual piece? We’ll tell you → on Nationwide Furniture Outlet!

A dresser can indeed take up too much space when it is not suited to your measurements. You just need to find one that will occupy only the space you have reserved for it. In addition, an outlet dresser of the right size can allow you to store things high up.


Thus, there is no need to look for a factory that creates custom dressers for an enormous price, cause everything has already been made and can be found in outlet stores just like ours.

After talking about the bathroom and the bedroom, it is now time to optimize your home office, working space, studying area or whatever you call it in your home.

As the competition for online work becomes bigger, the need for productive employees that can work from home also increases, many have decided on setting up their working space at home.

But if you already had little space for your things when you were working outside the house, setting up a nice, small home office can become a real challenge! There is nothing worse when working than not having enough space.

First and foremost, when you set up your home office, remember to leave some space around it, so that you can easily move around the room. Also consider organizing it well by installing smart storage, but also by optimizing the space around you as much as possible. Take advantage of the nooks and crannies to install thin shelves, the high ceiling to stow books, or the space under the desk to fit ottomans, cushions, storage boxes.

Never position your desk in a dark corner, because spending much time working in a dark environment will hurt your eyes. Moreover, if your desk doesn’t face a window and you get too little natural light, you might lose concentration and even start falling asleep during work.

Another mistake many people make is not delimiting their office space. If you are not lucky enough to have a dedicated room for your office, you will most likely place it in your bedroom or living room.

Even in crumpled spaces, it is important to think about delimiting the office space with some storage elements, in order to really dedicate a working area to work.

As we’ve just mentioned the positioning of the desk near the window, we remembered there was another mistake people do – positioning the desk to the window with the seat back to it.

If you are working on a computer, avoid placing your desk this way,  as this may cause reflections on your screen. If you have no choice, invest in blinds or curtains to make the natural light more smooth and help your eyes not get so tired from trying to see something on that screen.

Do not neglect desk lamps! After dark, good lighting is needed to keep working. The desk lamp will also allow you to stay focused and get enough light to see what you’re doing.

Never forget about the decorations on the desk and the rest of the working space. A neutral office is a bit sad, isn’t it? Personalize it by placing a plant, a candle or a frame with a photo. Just a little, not too much, otherwise you’ll go to the opposite side of optimized space.

Mess is also something that eats out space in a home office. Moreover, how could you find the concentration you need and especially how to find your own papers without having an office with all things in order?

Another problem of little space for your things is quite simple – not having enough storage furniture. Bet on shelves, drawers, bookcases and so on, this will help you get organized and use up space in an optimized way.!

What about your working chair? Often forgotten, this item must be both comfortable and compact (so it doesn’t take up all the space). On wheels or with armrests, remember to choose it according to the time spent at your desk, the style of the room and the size of the table.

Leave enough around your office area so that you can move around easily. Do not overcrowd the walls with photos, frames and all sorts of decor. Too many things (even if they’re small) create the sensation of smothering.

Now that you know exactly what to buy in order to set up the most important rooms in a small flat or house, we hope you will succeed in your goal and make that small home look just perfect, despite the few centimeters or inches you have to work with!

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