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Do you like going fast while feeling the wind blowing through your hair? Enjoy being outdoors and surrounded by nature in the crisp, cold winter sunshine? If you said yes to both those questions, then going on a ski trip might be for you. You’re not alone either: an estimated 9.2 million individuals went skiing at some point in 2018.

With so many people taking an interest in this exhilarating activity, it’s essential that newcomers to it are prepared and well equipped. This should allow them to make the most of this experience. If you’re a newbie and are looking to make the most of your great ski adventure, here are the most important things to consider:

Layer Your Clothing

While the idea of skiing seems enticing from the start, the reality is that you will be outdoors and exposed to the elements. In many cases, you will be skiing in the middle of snowfall, and the spray from your skiing is likely to go every which way. All this means one thing: you are probably going to get wet, and in the same way, you are probably going to feel pretty cold.

Keep the elements at bay by layering on your clothing. At least three layers are necessary to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable. The outermost layer should be a watertight shell, such as a Bogner jacket, to keep out any external moisture, which is crucial to staying warm in a snowy environment.

The inner layers are your insulation layers. Pack as many as you need to stay comfortable, but remember that you need to be able to move freely as well. Try not to wear anything too bulky.

Finally, the layer closest to your skin should be a breathable fabric that wicks away moisture and sweat from your skin. Remember that skiing is going to require you to exert yourself, and you’re likely to sweat quite a bit while on the slopes. You’ll need a breathable fabric close to your skin so that your sweat doesn’t weigh you down or cause a rash in sensitive areas.

Get the Right Equipment

Aside from wearing the right clothing, skiers can benefit from bringing the right equipment to the slopes. If this is your first time, you don’t need to buy your skis or ski poles, but for your comfort, you might want to get your ski goggles and gloves. Most ski resorts will have these on hand for rent, but the idea of wearing gloves or goggles that someone else sweated into disgusts some people.

You will most likely be outdoors throughout your ski trip, so bring a backpack and fill it with items you’ll need while outside. A thermos with a warm beverage, some snacks, and other personal items are excellent additions to this personal care pack. Also, don’t forget to bring sunblock and lip balm. Many people underestimate the effects of being in the sun all day while on the slopes. The truth is, your face is likely exposed to more sunlight than usual because of the light bouncing off the white snow. This results in chapped, sunburned skin after a day on the slopes.

These are just a few recommendations for making the most of your ski adventure. Prepare well, and you’ll feel that winter wind whipping through your hair as you coast down a mountain in no time.


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