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Should fans watch WWE Crown Jewel?

The upcoming show in Saudi Arabia will mark the fourth time that the WWE have broadcast a live show from the region, but thus far it has been hard to get carried away with any of the action we have seen during these shows. The last outing in Saudi Arabia saw fans massively underwhelmed with a bout between Goldberg and the Undertake, which saw numerous botches.

The shows, in general, have been marketing ploys that have seen the WWE get millions of dollars in return for WrestleMania-esque shows. WWE has been criticized for supporting the Saudi government and plus they are not allowed to take female wrestlers to the venue. Which is a shame, since WWE in the last years has done so much for women’s wrestling to be more equal to men. However, one of the best MMA female fighters, now in WWE, Ronda Rousey, defended WWE’s event, despite that.

The action inside the ring has never been anything noteworthy. If anything, the WWE Network special is just a glorified house show with titles never changing hands. However, this installment could be one that could be full of blockbuster matches. But why should fans tune in?

In-Ring Debut of Tyson Fury

Some fans are refusing to buy into any of the matches on this card, but both matches involving these newcomers could surprise many. Without doubt, the arrival of Tyson Fury into the WWE was a shock to many, as he is typically seen on boxing. The lineal world heavyweight champion has been taking the USA by storm since his draw with Deontay Wilder, and all roads lead to a rematch between the pair next year.

However, before that, he will need to negotiate a match with Brawn Strowman safely. The pair have been exchanging words over recent weeks, and it will be interesting to see how a potential wrestling match could pan out. Fury is one of the biggest names in world sport, and before too long could be the heavyweight champion so the WWE being able to make the move with him has been smart strategy.

Cain Velazquez

One of the most interesting bouts on the card is one that we would typically take place in the octagon and is a Wrestle Mania worthy matchup between Cain Velazquez and Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title. The pair met in UFC nine year ago, with Velazquez beating Lesnar by TKO in the first round to win the UFC heavyweight championship. The story that has been told surrounding this rivalry is a believable one. Velazquez is in WWE to help Rey Mysterio, while Lesnar will get to avenge one of the lowest points of his UFC career. The added scar that Lesnar picked up at the hands of the Mexican just adds another element of interest.

This could be particularly difficult to book, but if Velazquez is in WWE for the long-term then he will need to win this, and then there could be a possible rematch later down the line at Mania. The Mexican is no stranger to wrestling and has already competed in his native country with Lucha Libre AAA. However, this will be a step up. It could be the match of the night, though.

Fiend vs Rollins

Most fans have already grown sick and tired of Bray Wyatt’s comeback as the Fiend, and it has also ensured that Seth Rollins has unintentionally been getting bad receptions by the fans. Their first match in Hell in a Cell was a disaster, with the match ending in a no contest. These two superstars do have the ability to put on a clinic, but with both wrestlers now competing on opposing brands, it will be difficult to see how this ends.

Rollins will likely keep hold of the title, but Wyatt can’t afford a loss this early on his comeback. Plus fans will not want to see a no contest or disqualification. WWE will have to be smart with this match and come up with something unique, or just remove the title being awarded to the winner. Either way, the Fiend is a unique character, and his entrance alone will captivate the audience in attendance.

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