Shock and awe: which are the most timeless underdog wrestling wins?

Any wrestling fan knows that the drama, action and adrenaline that the sport delivers are intense. When you also add in a range of perceived heroes and villains, it gets a lot more engaging. One aspect of wrestling which certainly keeps fans coming back for more are the shocking underdog wins. These are wins which you simply do not see coming and appear out of the blue, usually at the last moment.

This kind of unexpected win is not only good news for fans in terms of entertainment, they can also be welcomed by people who bet on wrestling as a sport— if they have seen an upset coming and sided with the underdog This can often result in large odds being offered for backing the dark horse and lead to big wins being made. It is not always easy to predict when a rank outsider will win though. For this reason, it is worth looking online for the top wrestling betting picks and tips so you can make an informed wager – the professionals often have information that the layman might not!

To give an idea of the kind of upset we are talking about here, here are a few classic underdog wins in wrestling’s rich history:

Hurricane vs The Rock – Raw in March 2003

One of the most timeless underdog wins that wrestling fans will remember is the fight between Hurricane and The Rock at Raw in March 2003. At this point, The Rock was at the peak of his powers and was already established as an iconic figure in the WWE. Hurricane though had also started to gain traction as a comedy character and even started beefing with The Rock earlier in the year.

The fans eventually got their wish and these two met up to settle their differences on the mat. Everyone thought The Rock would take the win and he did start off like a steam train – until Stone Cold Steve Austin got involved. A distraction from Austin enabled Hurricane to pin The Rock to snatch an unlikely victory.

The Undertaker vs Maven – Smackdown in February 2002

The 2000s were something of a golden age in wrestling and another timeless underdog win comes from this era. In February 2002’s Smackdown event, Maven was still a rookie and no one thought he would seriously take The Undertaker’s Hardcore crown. Although the 2002 Royal Rumble hinted that this could occur, the experience of The Undertaker made it look unlikely. Few predicted this bout would be one of Maven’s best career victories.

The start of the match saw things began as everyone expected. Maven was given a real going over and never looked like he was winning. The Rock then saw fit to interfere in the match, which led to Maven coming back. When he finally pinned his opponent down, the shockwaves of his win were felt throughout wrestling. The Undertaker recovered just fine though and has gone from strength to strength, as his recent interactive Netflix movie ‘Escape’ shows.

1-2-3 Kid vs Razor Ramon – RAW in May 1993

Many will still remember this bout in May 1993, which saw the underdog 1-2-3 Kid triumph over Razor Ramon. You have to remember that Razor Ramon was a huge wrestling star at the time and one of the biggest heels about. The 1-2-3 Kid on the other hand was nowhere near being the star that Ramon was.

All through this match-up, Razor was on top and the Kid never really got near him. This made it even more shocking when the 1-2-3 Kid pulled out his Moonsault move to claim a win. The shock of Ramon getting beaten and not being able to recover from being pinned was palpable.

Bruno Sammartino vs Ivan Koloff – January 1971

If you really want to go back in time to pro wrestling’s origins, this is one of the most famed moments that fans still discuss. In January 1971, Bruno Sammartino took on underdog Ivan Koloff for the title. Sammartino was not only beloved by wrestling fans of the time but had also held the crown for almost 8 years.

This meant everyone expected him to retain it. A body slam and top rope knee drop from Koloff resulted in an upset. The result left watching fans sitting in stunned silence or crying, such was the impact of this result.

Wrestling is built on shock results

Underdog wins which no one sees coming play a key role in wrestling. Not only do they help bring new characters to the forefront of the sport and usher older ones out, they also help push the storyline along. Of course, shock wins also keep the sport interesting for fans and give it an air of unpredictability. As wrestling moves on into the future, you can be sure there will be more underdog victories to come.

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