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Romantic WWE couples 2023


Valentine’s Day is approaching fast, and love is in the air, even in professional wrestling. The WWE is renowned for its larger-than-life personalities, thrilling performances, and captivating storylines, and the personal relationships between its athletes are no exception. As we gear up for another exciting year of WWE action, it’s time to take a closer look at the romantic couples that have captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

One such couple is Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins, who have established themselves as one of the WWE’s most influential and dynamic duos. With Seth set to compete in the Elimination Chamber 2023 in Canada on February 18th, fans are eagerly anticipating what the future holds for this couple both inside and outside of the ring.

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Here are four of the most romantic WWE couples on the scene.

Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins

In 2023, the power couple of the WWE, Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins, will still be a prominent force in the wrestling world. After their initial meeting during the 2018 Survivor Series, their relationship has reached dizzying heights, with both superstars continuing to experience massive success within the WWE.

Lynch became among the WWE superstars to win the RAW Women’s Championship twice, and Rollins shocked the world by becoming a Triple Crown champion and winning the championship twice.

Their undeniable chemistry has been captivating for fans across the globe, be it on-screen or off. They light up the screen with their signature moves, and their love for each other shines through their interactions in daily life. As they look towards the future, they know they have each other’s support and an inspiring connection that will last for years.

Natalya and Tyson Kidd

Natalya and Tyson Kidd have been a beloved couple in the WWE for over two decades. Natalya, who is a third-generation wrestler, is a multi-time WWE Champion and WWE Hall of Famer. Tyson Kidd, who was forced to retire due to an unfortunate neck injury, is an accomplished wrestler in his own right and is currently working as a WWE Producer.

The pair first met in 2001 while training in Stu Hart’s famous Dungeon and have since shared an incredible bond. After more than a decade of dating, Natalya and Tyson Kidd got engaged in 2011 and married two years later. The wedding was attended by many famous names from the wrestling world, including Natalya’s father and WWE Hall of Famer Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and former WWE superstar Christian.

After two decades of commitment, the couple continues to demonstrate the strength of their bond and have become iconic figures in the wrestling world. With both Natalya and Tyson Kidd still in the WWE, their story has all the makings of an epic romance and will surely be one to capture fans’ attention in 2023 and beyond.

Jimmy Uso and Naomi

Jimmy (Jonathan Fatu) and Naomi (Trinity Fatu) are considered one of the sweetest and most beloved couples in professional wrestling. They met in 2009 while both were part of the Florida Championship Wrestling and quickly developed a strong connection. Their relationship has demonstrated love, loyalty, and dedication, as they’ve managed to stay together for almost a decade, despite the demands of their careers.

In 2014, they tied the knot in a beautiful wedding aired live on the Total Divas show. Jimmy and Naomi are still together today, providing entertainment and positivity to the WWE show through their exciting segments and matches. Together, they actively support the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, which helps support children and families in their quest for education, safety, and stability.

They often share glimpses of their life on social media, and it’s clear that their love is as real as it gets.

Nikki Cross and Killian Dain 

Nikki Cross and Killian Dain are undoubtedly one of the most romantic WWE couples in the industry. The athletic duo first crossed paths in NXT when Cross appeared as a member of the SAnitY faction alongside Dain and his two compatriots, Alexander Wolfe, and Eric Young.

Their relationship progressed from a professional to an intimate level, and the couple eventually tied the knot in Scotland in 2019. They are head over heels in love, often seen giving each other kisses and hugs after their respective matches.

Nikki and Killian have become a fan-favorite duo thanks to their undeniable chemistry and genuine affection for each other. They remain inextricably linked in real life and the ring, working together as a tag team and supporting each other in their solo endeavors. With such a strong foundation, we can only imagine the amazing things these lovebirds can achieve together.

Despite the intense competition in the WWE, these couples have proven that true love can endure even in the most brutal arena.

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