Review: WWE The Ultimate Poster Collection book


There have been some epic WWE pay-per-view posters throughout the years – and some pretty bad ones too – but the WWE Ultimate Poster Collection published by  Insight Editions isolates 30 of the very best designs that have been used to promote the particular pay-per-view events. The book contains 40 removable posters in total, 30 of which are of pay-per-views. Each poster is 16” by 12” and is printed on a thick, glossy paper.

The pay-per-view posters available are Royal Rumble 1991, Royal Rumble 2013, WrestleMania VI, WrestleMania VII, WrestleMania X-Seven, WrestleMania XXVI, WrestleMania XVIII, WrestleMania XXX, SummerSlam 1999, SummerSlam 2012, Invasion, Judgment Day 2005,  Judgment Day 2007, Judgment Day 2008, Backlash 2006, Backlash 2007, Backlash 2008, No Mercy 2006, New Year’s Revolution 2007, No Mercy 2007, One Night Stand 2008, Armageddon 2008, Extreme Rules 2010, Hell In A Cell 2010, Vengeance 2011, No Way Out 2012, Night Of Champions 2012, Survivor Series 2009, Survivor Series 2013, and Elimination Chamber 2014.

Apart from pay-per-view posters, there are 10 other posters.

Posters of individual Superstars include Andre The Giant, Sting, Ultimate Warrior, and Steve Austin. There’s also a poster of Hogan and Andre in a face off and a poster from the Attitude Era featuring the roster of perhaps the best period in pro wrestling history.

There are three other posters which have the card of particular events. One is a non-televised event from Madison Square Garden which was headlined by Bruno Sammartino vs Freddie Blassie, one from WrestleMania I, and another one from a non-televised show at the Aloha Stadium headlined by Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair.

The other remaining poster is a cool one, the Stars and Stripes Challenge from the 4th of July, 1993, event aboard the USS Intrepid featuring Yokozuna.

All in all this is a neat book and if you’re into posters then it’s certainly for you. Perhaps the only downside is posters are printed back to back so you can only use one from each page.

The WWE Ultimate Poster Collection has a retail regular price of $24.99. You can get more information and order it online at