Reasons why wrestling is considered the greatest sport

Wrestling has been around for decades, developing from one level to another. Today, a ticket to a match is more valuable than most ball games. However, WWE fans are undermined and dismissed by their counterparts in other sports. The main concern is that the outcomes of the matches are often scripted. All these allegations are false because everyone may be inspired to watch a game or two based on its unique attributes. Even a staunch football or boxing fan will find time to watch a WWE encounter. Below are various reasons why wrestling is the greatest sport.

  • Colorful Characters

In other sports competitions, there are strict rules against immature behavior, attention-hogging, and other controversial actions. In football, for instance, a player can be penalized for taking off a shirt during celebrations. When it comes to wrestling, all these kinds of behavior are expected. Even those wrestlers with magnetic behavior will express it in the full glare of cameras and visiting spectators. You will not find the fighters performing a robotic, rehearsed interview. They will say anything, whether it offends the journalist, fans, or opponent. This attribute brings life to the sport, as you will be thrilled by every real and uncensored moment.

  • Entertainment Galore

Wrestling is a blend of many elements. It combines humor, theater, athleticism, pageantry, and violence. It is even more exciting for gamblers who can bet on multiple daily events. If you love betting, identify top matches with major wrestlers whom you can predict their win, then check the available odds at betting sites that cover wrestling.

But how is wrestling different from other sports? Unlike other sports, wrestling organizers can manage the storyline to achieve the desired outcome. For this reason, the matches are designed like a soap opera, so you won’t have dull moments. You will not anticipate any letdowns like is the case with other sports.

  • Special Guest Referees

WWE allows celebrities and older stars of the sport to attend a match as special guest referees. In other disciplines like football, referees are considered sources of evil and are despised, especially when they make shady calls. It is a different case in wrestling because guest referees add unpredictability, tension, and star power to the match. Fans here do not have a reason to curse referees because the latter adds some energy to the match to improve the product.

  • Longer Careers

In the NFL, football, and many other sports, participants always slow down in their 30s and eventually bow out to be replaced by younger players. It is highly unlikely that a retired player will make a comeback in these sports. WWE has taken drastic measures, including an anti-drug wellness policy to help wrestlers live a healthy lifestyle. Today, most of them fight into their 40s and 50s. For example, Ric Flair displayed fine wrestling prowess for three decades, making him one of the oldest yet most skillful wrestlers.

  • Best Ticket Value

Fortunately for WWE, fans are not limited to one game when they buy tickets. After the purchase, you are treated to multiple spectacles apart from the real fight. For instance, you will experience dramatic confrontations and backstage drama. You are free to cheer your favorite fighter and boo the opponent simultaneously. Fans are not limited because they can also talk about the twists in the match, costumes, variations, booking choices, and more. Generally, the tickets are reasonably priced.

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