Ranking the greatest on-field fights in soccer history

Soccer is a very emotional game. If the participants in a match cannot hold back, fights occur on the field, involving fans, coaches and club attendants. In this article, Telecomasia.net tells about the five greatest fights in soccer history

5. Aston Villa v Newcastle. Premier League (2005)

Clashes between players of opposing teams occur quite often. But in the championship of England, a completely different case occurred. The Magpies were losing to a club from Birmingham and were very upset about it. Teammates Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer began to sort things out. First in words, and then using fists. Teammates and opponents began to separate the footballers. The referee sent off both players, so Newcastle had to play the match with eight men, as one player had already left the field.

Thus Bowyer and Dyer let the whole team down. The first was fined the amount that he earned in 6 weeks, and the second went unpunished, as he became a victim of the aggression of his teammate and only defended himself.

Later, the players publicly apologized to their fans and teammates.

4. Valencia v Inter. Champions League (2007)

Valencia’s Marchena and Inter’s Burdisso had an argument. Events then unfolded rapidly. Navarro hit Burdisso, breaking his nose, and then tried to escape into the dressing room. It was there that the real brawl began. The security guards had trouble calming the teams down and escorting the Inter players out of the Valencia dressing room.

Navarro, who was on the bench for this match, has been suspended from soccer for 7 months. The rest of the brawl participants missed from 2 to 6 games in European cups (you can find better odds for betting on European cup fixtures in the bookmakers from Meta.reviews) and the clubs have paid heavy fines for their players’ behaviour.

3. Roma v Galatasaray. Champions League (2002)

The footballers of both teams were outraged by the refereeing of Anders Frisk. The atmosphere between the Turks and Italians was heated to the limit. The explosion of emotions happened after the final whistle. Galatasaray footballers started insulting Roma player Francisco Lima, and his teammates decided to intercede for their friend. The two teams began to fight wall to wall. Ultimately, club staff, coaches and stewards managed to calm down the raging footballers.

2. Serbia v Albania. Euro 2016 qualifier (2014)

Unfortunately, sports and politics are still linked. During the match, the Albanians launched a drone with the national flag from the VIP box, which caused the indignation of the Serbs. When Alexander Mitrovich tried to shoot it down, real madness began. After a massive fight between the players, the Albanian national team tried to hide in the locker room, but Serbian fans began to throw them with everything that came to hand, run out onto the field and beat the players.

Albania was initially credited with a technical defeat for a provocation, but the Serbians were then declared the losers because they had failed to provide sufficient security during the international game.

1. Barcelona v Athletic Bilbao. Spanish Cup final (1983)

Let’s start with the backstory. It all started when Maradona moved to Barcelona and the club played against Athletic. Goikoetxea, nicknamed “The Butcher of Bilbao”, was instructed to guard the legend. However, he overplayed his hand and broke Maradona’s ankle as a result of heavy pressure and constant kicks to his feet.

Maradona missed more than six months and after watching the episode on television realised that Goikoetxea had acted so harshly on purpose. Diego decided to take revenge.

The opportunity came in the Spanish Cup final. After the whistle blew to end the game, Maradona started an incredible brawl with the Athletic players. TV footage captured his terrifying kick to the face of the goalkeeper. Players and fans of both teams clashed with each other in front of King Juan Carlos of Spain. Maradona was suspended from soccer for three months after the fight.

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