Racism and rip-offs: 7 most embarrassing wrestling gimmicks ever

We have to admit that there are many fantastic wrestling gimmicks out there. However, mistakes happen to everyone, and gimmick creators are not an exception. In this article, we are taking a trip into the past to remind ourselves of some of the worst storylines and characters in the history of wrestling.


Our list starts with a character that’s not even creative. It’s not that Spiderman inspired the writers, but they ripped off the character completely. Arachman had the same costume, but a different color combination, and was capable of shooting string out of its wrists.

The viewers noticed the resemblance, and Marvel did, too. The lawsuit they filed against WCW sealed Arachnaman’s fate forever. It would be better if the creators visited https://xcasinoclub.pl/ to see how creative gaming developers can be.

Kerwin White

Some of the gimmicks on this list had the task of attracting attention, but they did that in the wrong way. Kerwin White, for example, was a racist character. The creators decided to repack Chavo Guerrero into a white guy. He appeared with a new haircut, started wearing sweaters, and driving a golf cart.

The problem was the slogan that he used because he believed that “only white is right.” You can understand why the viewers didn’t receive the character well.


Here is another rip-off of a famous character, but this time the creators “borrowed” the idea from Mortal Kombat. The costume was similar to Sub Zero’s, and the name was winter-like, too.

WCW put high hopes in Glacier, and they expected the public to like the character. He has been in a ring for a long time and even had a winning streak that lasted for months. Unfortunately, the viewers didn’t accept this character, and he faded into the oblivion.


We don’t know why the creators decided for that particular name, but we know that TV hosts loved it. That was a unique opportunity to say that “Who took the victory” or “Who is the other wrestler.”

The problem is these jokes started to wear off quickly, as well as the popularity of the character. After two months on TV in 1996, “Who” disappeared as suddenly as he showed up.


Here is another gimmick inspired by racism, and this one targeted Mexicans in particular. It is a shame that WCW used talented wrestlers for the trio that they named Mexicools. Juventud Guerrera, Super Crazy, and Psychosis performed as a trio, and their big entrance was driving a lawnmower.

Yes, that had something to do with Mexicans in the US. The creators took things to the next level by placing a “Mexican Limo’ sticker on the lawnmower. The career of these wrestlers, unfortunately, didn’t take long.

The Dicks

These guys were a bit boring, but we had to include them on the list because of the name. The authors could have thought of a more creative name, and one that’s not so “obvious.”

The Dicks was a duo that included Chad Wicks and Tank Toland. Nobody can deny that they looked great, and that was the main idea. The Dicks were exotic dancers who rubbed their abs and tried to fight other wrestlers. It seems that WWE didn’t have enough female viewers at the time because the duo never achieved the expected popularity.


We saved the best for last, and we won’t hide; this is our favorite. The Undertaker is one of the most popular WWE characters out there, and it served as inspiration for creating Mordecai. The idea was to create a total opposite – a positive and light version of The Undertaker.

Mordecai showed up in a white suit and bleached hair, pinpointing that his task is to destroy any evildoers. The problem is he didn’t look ready to face a bad guy like the Undertaker. The appearance made him look funny, and he looked like a cheap version of our favorite wrestler. It seems that the authors realized that on time, which is why Mordecai soon left the company.


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