Online casinos that don’t limit your sports betting winnings

The unlimited bets are the most exciting. Expert players do not settle for normal bets at a certain level and are always looking for high bets at the best gambling sites. The objective is clear, to win large amounts of money in just one bet. The risk is high, but the benefit can be too.

In this article, we will see which online casinos do not limit large bets and in which sports we can do them. Skilled players, also called High Rollers, not only looking for high stakes. They also seek what online bookmakers offer major advantages. We will also see what advantages they are about.

Bookmakers where you can bet with high limits

The first thing to make clear is that there are no bookmakers that do not limit. Well, they do exist, but they are outside the law, something not recommended if we want to avoid the limits in sports betting. There are certain legal limits that licensed online casinos must respect by order of the relevant agencies and bodies. What they do exist are bookmakers with high limits where we can make big bets.

There are certain well-known online casinos that have high limits on their bets. These are set up this way to attract high rollers, who are always looking for high stakes. Here is a ranking of the best online bookmakers where we can place high bets:


It is one of the longest-running bookmakers in the sector. Known to almost everyone, Bwin offers high betting limits for high rollers. In total, you can earn $ 100,000 per day.


We can also enjoy high stakes at the 888sport house. The maximum limit that we can earn daily according to its rules is $ 200,000

William Hill

The daily limits at this century-old sportsbook are incredibly high. The maximum that we can win in a single bet is $ 2,000,000, if you read that correctly, $ 2 million. There are different betting limits depending on the sport and the type of bet. This large amount corresponds to certain types of football bets of the top European competitions, such as LaLiga or the Premier League.


The maximum winnings on Betfair are $ 1,000,000 for football matches in the first European divisions. However, there is a different type of sports betting called Exchanges or exchange bets, in which we bet against other players and not against the online bookmaker. This means that we can force the betting limits.

Online casino advantages for High Rollers

Highrollers are expert players who often bet large amounts of money. Many are professionally engaged in it. That is, they make a living from online gambling. Bookmakers are very interested in this type of player. That is why they offer you all kinds of advantages to placing your bets with them. Highrollers are also interested in these, so both parties are always looking for each other. These are some of the ones they usually offer:

  • VIP program. Sportsbook VIP programs are intended for players who bet large amounts of money. Promotions, bonuses and a level system with different advantages are some of its characteristics.
  • Exclusive attention. Highrollers can receive exclusive attention from the bookmaker. This will have a trusted contract with whom you can talk, even by WhatsApp, if you have any questions or problems.
  • Exclusive gifts. Invitations to boxes at football or basketball games sports merchandising, tickets to exclusive events, etc.

Online casino sports where you bet large amounts of money

There are certain sports where big bets are more common, so the houses put higher limits. The popularity of each of them also has a lot to do with it. The more popular it is, the bigger bets we can make. These are the sports where we can bet large amounts of money:

Football: Spain’s king sport is also the leader of the big bets. As we have seen, large amounts of money can be played in the major European leagues’ matches.

Horse racing: centenary horse racing is a market where millions of dollars are moved daily. Because of this, high rollers often place large bets on their favorite horse. France, the United Kingdom, Ireland or Dubai are countries with great tradition.

Greyhound Races:  Large amounts of money can also be wagered on greyhound racing in Great Britain. These races are even broadcast on major English television channels.

Golf: The profit limits are also relatively high in Golf. These are applied in the men’s golf majors and in the Ryder Cup, the world championship that pits the best golfers from Europe and the USA.

Other high stakes sports: tennis, darts, rugby, boxing, cricket, basketball (NBA), NFL, MLB, NHL, Formula 1.

Frequent questions on sports betting at online casinos

Why are there betting limits?

As you may already know, sports betting can lead to gambling addiction. The Government of Spain sets daily income limits ($ 600), weekly ($ 1500) and monthly ($ 3000) to try to regulate online gambling.

Is it possible to break the betting limits?

No, it is not possible as long as you play at a licensed online casino. The bookmakers themselves must respect these limits if they do not want to get in trouble with the law. Of course, the entry limit is individual, so we can play up to $ 3000 per month on different sports betting sites.

I have read that there are online casinos without betting limits; is it true?

Yes, there are online casinos without betting limits, but they do not have a legal license to operate in Spain. This means that the law will never protect you and everything that happens with your money is your responsibility. We do not recommend that you gamble at unlicensed bookmakers as you could run into a lot of problems or run out of your money.

Is it possible to win large amounts of money in sports betting?

If possible, as we have already said before, there are expert players who make a living from it. However, you will always be limited to the limits set by law and online casinos. In addition, great knowledge of both the market and sports is needed to achieve this. On the other hand, also remember that a lot of money can also be lost. Remember to play responsibly.

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