Money in the Bank 2018 PPV Pick’em with the W-O Pick’em crew

Hello W-O fans! Welcome to the 2018 Money in the Bank PPV Pick’em! My name is @TheMagnumDA, and my Pick’em Crew is ready to roll with their predictions for this event. Before we go any further, let’s recap the scores for this year:

Colin: 34 Points
Tricky Don: 32 Points
Heel Turn Tom: 32 Points
Magnum: 30 Points

As you can see, I’m getting my ass handed to me. It’s time to turn things around, and the climb to the top starts tonight with Money in the Bank, LIVE from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois. Don’t forget that the show starts one hour earlier on the WWE Network, meaning tonight will be a four-hour show!

One last thing I wanted to point out…tonight, we have $$ Cash-In Briefcases $$ for each member of the Pick’em Crew! Risking a cash-in pick gives a member of the crew to either go “Double or Nothing” with their points. If they miss *any* part of the cash-in (the timing or the participants), they get zero points for that match. It only applies for today’s show!

Let’s not waste another moment. ON WITH THE PICKS!

MITB Pre-Show: Smackdown Live Tag Team Title Match
Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs. The Bludgeon Brothers (c)

Colin: I predict that the Bludgeon Brothers will remain champions for a while. Not really interested that much in this match to be quite honest. Harper and Rowan retain.

Tricky Don:
With Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks getting some publicity from WWE, they may finally start to build Gallows and Anderson just in case there is a big reunion in 2019. Gallows and Anderson win the tag titles.

Heel Turn Tom:
These two good tag teams will put on a fun match. While I want the Good Brothers to win, it won’t happen tonight. The Bludgeon Brothers for the win.

I’m with Colin and Tom here. I think that the Bludgeon Brothers will continue to be in the proverbial “driver’s seat” for quite a while. Plus, why would you change the Tag Titles on a pre-show? I mean, it’s happened before, but if the Bludgeon Brothers go down, it’s going to happen on PPV. Harper and Rowan retain.

Daniel Bryan vs Big Cass

Colin: I don’t know in whose cornflakes did Daniel Bryan piss but he should not be in this feud. Big Cass without Enzo does not work. Daniel Bryan should win this one and run away as fast as he can from the big guy.

Tricky Don:
Unfortunately, I have a bad feeling that Big Cass will win. But…Big Cass will go off-script again and lose. WWE will try to push Daniel Bryan between now and ALL IN to try to get him to sign a new contract. Daniel Bryan wins.

Heel Turn Tom:
This feud needs to end, as both men need a new opponent. I am sure Big Cass is learning a lot from this, but Daniel Bryan wins.

If they wanted to pull the trigger on Cass, it would have happened at Backlash. So, using the obscenely expensive McMahon Logicbreaker 5000…we’re probably going to get a victory for Big Cass, because this feud WILL NOT DIE.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Seth Rollins (c) vs Elias

Should be a great match. Seth Rollins is on FIRE right now and along with AJ Styles he’s up there as the best performer in WWE at the moment. Elias has come a long, long way and kudos to him for getting himself over. But I see Seth Rollins retaining the IC title this time around.

Tricky Don:
Elias is on fire, and would make a great IC champion just like Bret Hart, Ricky Steamboat, Mr. Perfect, and The Mountie. Plus, this will free up Rollins to go for the Universal Championship. Elias wins.

Heel Turn Tom:
Outside of the ladder matches, they may steal the show. While I want to “walk with Elias”, Rollins will get a curb stomp out of nowhere for the 1-2-3 to win and retain his title.

Vince will go in one of two directions: Either Elias wins the gold on his first shot, or he goes on a long chase that culminates in the championship. Elias strikes me as the kind of guy who would win it on his first chance. That said…wouldn’t it suck if Rollins lost the title and had nowhere to go after this? You couldn’t put him in the Universal Championship picture, because that spot is saved for Roman Reigns. I see these guys being dance partners for a while, so for now give me Elias to win the match. That’s not a guarantee that he will win the title, but it’s possible.

Sami Zayn vs. Bobby Lashley

The build-up for this feud has been absolutely horrible with some bad segments. Time for them to move away from each other because to me, it’s not working. Bobby Lashley wins.

Tricky Don:
Bobby just returned, so he will get the win if they want him in the Universal title picture in the near future. Lashley wins.

Heel Turn Tom:
Okay, this one should be simple. WWE tried some crazy things to get heat and a reaction out of Lashley. While it really didn’t work, Lashley will win.

This feud has been so stupid (Three Sisters, anyone?) but last week’s “Obstacle Course” was pretty damn memorable. Sami was fantastic in that segment. As for MITB, I think Sami’s going to work extremely hard to make Lashley look good. I don’t think they’ll get out of “three stars” territory, but it will be fine. Lashley wins in convincing fashion.

Roman Reigns vs. Jinder Mahal

Ugh. I was never sold on Jinder Mahal. I’m sure Reigns would prefer to be in a different match in this pay-per-view but hey, someone’s gotta do it! Roman Reigns gets the W.

Tricky Don:
The plan is for Roman to face Lesnar at Summerslam. I think they want Reigns to look like the biggest underdog in history, so they will have him lose and then redeem himself at SummerSlam. Jinder Mahal wins in an upset.

Heel Turn Tom:
Roman must be on the card, and we need him to be liked…so who is a dirty heel that he can beat? Yeah, for that reason, I am not looking forward to the match. Roman will win.

I can’t help but laugh to myself thinking that Vince is STILL moving forward with this Roman push. Don’t expect any surprises here, as Jinder is still in “Honky Tonk” mode (repaying all of his wins from 2017 by putting everyone else over). The same holds true for this show. Roman wins.

Women's MITB Match

Women’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match (Worth 2 points!)
Ember Moon vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Becky Lynch vs. Natalya vs. Lana vs. Naomi vs. Sasha Banks

This match is probably going to a Raw woman. Smackdown already had their own MITB last year so this year is Raw’s turn. Natalya would be a great pick if Rousey was winning, but I think Sasha Banks will get this one.

Tricky Don: Sasha Banks sent out a cryptic tweet to throw the fans off. Instead, I think she will win the MITB.

Heel Turn Tom:
This year’s match will end without a man helping one of these wrestlers to win. I am seeing Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss take a big bump that will make you jump out of the seat. As for the finish, I see Natalya getting the briefcase while taking out Charlotte. Natalya will go on to feud with her “best friend” Ronda Rousey.

Boy, Vince threw us a red herring last Monday, didn’t he? Usually, it’s a guarantee that whoever gets the last win on Raw *will not* get the win on the PPV. I’m led to believe that Natalya is going to ham up this injury until the time is right. For right now, she’s getting a really good response from the crowd, which will make her heel turn that much sweeter. Gimme the chalk. Natayla‘s walking away with the briefcase.

Men's MITB Match

Men’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match (Worth 2 points!)
Braun Strowman vs. Finn Balor vs. The Miz vs. Rusev vs. Kevin Owens vs. Bobby Roode vs. a member of The New Day vs. Samoa Joe

There are a few worthy winners in this group to be honest but I can’t see a Raw guy winning. Why? Who is he going to cash against? Brock Lesnar is rarely there. I totally see The Miz winning this one. He’s probably the most deserving at this point and he would be even more cockier and annoying as Mr. Money In The Bank! The Miz wins.

Tricky Don:
I am feeling Braun Strowman on this one. This way, the WWE has a backup plan for SummerSlam (if they change their mind for the 20th time on whether or not Roman Reigns is championship material).

Heel Turn Tom:
I used a Magic 8-Ball, and without a doubt it will be Kofi in the match. What can I say? This will be fun. Scary big bump of the match will go to Finn Balor. While signs point to yes for Braun winning, the A-lister will get the briefcase and take his time to pick his cash-in. The Miz to win.

For the record, I’m going to roll with *all three members* of the New Day entering the match. Whoever gets the briefcase is going to be considered the “designated pick” on behalf of his team. As for the winner? Well, Miz has the TV show on the horizon, and he’s having a hell of a year so far. It only makes sense that The Miz gets one more crack at the briefcase. I could also see Samoa Joe taking this all the way, but for right now give me The Miz. His time is coming…a lot sooner than you think.

SD Women's Title Match

Smackdown Live Women’s Title Match
Asuka vs. Carmella (c)

I was there for the Carmella cash in and I popped too. But simply put, Carmella is not on the level of most female wrestlers on the roster. Plus all the yelling is annoying. But maybe James Ellsworth will interfere as well. Who knows, but highly unlikely they will have two non-finishes for the women’s titles. So give me Asuka and a new champion.

Tricky Don:
James Ellsworth will return, but he will turn on Carmella. Asuka will win the title and the managerial services of Mr. Ellsworth.

Heel Turn Tom:
We will see how good Carmella is progressing in the ring. James Ellsworth will return and try to help Carmella, but neither are ready for Asuka. Asuka for the win, becoming the NEW Smackdown Live Women’s Champion.

Colin reported it last week, and I spoiled it during the Smackdown Live TV report…James Ellsworth is returning to WWE. I firmly believe that if they wanted to put the title on Asuka, they would have done it at WrestleMania. Since they didn’t, expect a finish where Ellsworth holds Asuka’s legs down during a kickout attempt. Carmella wins, retains the title, and reunites with her homeboy…DUH!

Raw Women's Title Match

RAW Women’s Championship
Ronda Rousey vs. Nia Jax (c)

This is tricky. Very tricky. I think the fact that Rousey will be in the UFC Hall of Fame next month doesn’t help. You can’t have her lose, but you seriously can’t give her the title right now. So I say Ronda Rousey will win via disqualification of some sort and while winning the match, she will not win the title. Like this, you keep her strong. I’m hoping Natalya interferes and causes the DQ when Rousey is about to win for the heel turn.

Tricky Don:
I predict that Ronda will win by DQ. They will save her title win for SummerSlam.

Heel Turn Tom:
Poor Nia had to deal with the bullying angle, and now she is a transitional champ. Her reign ends tonight. Winner and NEW Raw Women’s Champion, is Ronda Rousey.

There’s a lot of factors playing into this match. For example, Ronda’s status as a UFC Hall of Famer (which means you shouldn’t have her lose in her one-on-one debut), and Natalya possibly holding the briefcase as this match happens. Like the Elias bout, it’s not a guarantee that Rousey will win the title, but I definitely think she’ll win the match. Could Natalya cash in? Most certainly. Will she cash in? Not just yet. 😀

WWE Championship Match

Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship
Shinsuke Nakamura vs. AJ Styles (c)

If they don’t pull the trigger on this show for a switch, then I think that Nakamura will not get the title anytime soon. I wouldn’t mind seeing AJ retain, and I wouldn’t mind seeing Nakamura win. I just want to see a great match that these two are capable of having that we haven’t seen yet in a WWE ring. It’s time for a new champ, so I say Nakamura wins the title.

Tricky Don:
I saw this MMA fight where both fighters went for a kick to the head at the same time, knocking each other out. I have no other choice but to believe this match will end the same way. Double KO.

Heel Turn Tom:
This feud will not end tonight, but it does need a great match to get people talking about WWE (like all the Omega and Okada matches). Tonight, the King of Strong Style wins and becomes the new WWE champion.

I’m still down four points, right? Well, guess what…it’s time to take a leap of faith. I don’t think this feud is entirely over, but I think this is the last chapter of AJ and Shinsuke’s one-on-one bouts. Nakamura destroyed AJ Styles to pick this stipulation, so it only makes sense that he finally ascends to the mountaintop. That is, until…


$$ CASH-IN ALERT $$: MagnumDA is cashing in his briefcase to predict that The Miz will enter himself into the Last Man Standing match (as the ref counts BOTH Nakamura and Styles out) to become the winner, and NEW WWE Champion!

So there you have it folks! This has been the Money in the Bank PPV Pick’em with my boys Heel Turn Tom, Tricky Don, and our fearless Editor-in-Chief Colin Vassallo! Join me tomorrow night for the Raw report! Don’t forget to give me a shout on Twitter during tonight’s show! @TheMagnumDA signing off.

Magnum DAhttp://www.twitter.com/themagnumda
@TheMagnumDA writes the Raw & Smackdown Live TV reports, and he is also the PPV Pick'em reporter for Wrestling-Online. He currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He enjoys traveling, reading, and playing PSN (ROCKofJERICHO).

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