Laying the smackdown on the different COVID-19 personality types

For as long as I can remember, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), formerly the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in the 80s and 90s, was the world’s top sports entertainment company. Everyone knows it’s all fake. But there’s just something about it that continues to draw in millions of people and keeps them tuned to its different weekly programs like Raw, Smackdown, and NXT.

Some characters are badass, while others are absolute duds. The acting isn’t top-notch, unlike the action and stunts, which, although are technically scripted, are all very real…and very painful. But despite it all, fans keep coming back for more.

Unfortunately, many of the WWE’s events have been postponed and put on hold when the coronavirus scare came. When the government banned large public gatherings, they essentially took out all forms of sports and entertainment. No more humongous ripped men in tights and skimpy trunks duking it out in the ring. No more scantily clad divas in catfightscan rival even the best celebrity catfights like the beef between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. And no, we’re not that old. We’re just good at our jobs.

Yeah, right.

Anyway… as I was saying, COVID-19 put professional wrestling to a halt. Now the funny thing about it was that the pandemic somehow produced different characters out of everyone. We may all be under one banner in the fight against COVID-19, but we’ve all taken on different roles and personalities that are fit for the ring.

Don’t believe us? Check out the characters below and see which one of the following you are.

The Bad Guys

In every soap opera, there is always the antagonist. These guys play a huge role in the story because they are the ones that usually cause friction and start a ruckus. Without these guys, the storylines would be boring.

  1. The Denier

Ted DiBiase, a.k.a. The Million Dollar Man, would be forced to come out of retirement and bust The Denier upside the head because of his continuous downplaying of the virus to keep his business running so that the money keeps a-coming.

  1. The Harmer

Ruthless and evil. That’s how we would describe him. He goes around inflicting harm upon others by intentionally coughing and spitting at people. There’s a special place in wrestling hell for him, we assure you.

  1. The Rebel

With a blatant disregard for authority, The Rebel intentionally breaks all the rules and does not follow any government and the CDC’s safety protocols.

  1. The Spreader

We’re not quite sure if The Spreader is mean or plain stupid, but he wants to let the virus spread so we can develop herd immunity and go back to normal. We’re going with the latter.

  1. The Exploiter

Perhaps the vilest of the lot, The Exploiter, uhm, exploits the current situation for profit, power, and control. There’s no hint of humanity in this fella. Boooooo!

The Neutral Ones

Like the WWE, our real-life fight against COVID-19 has given us certain personalities with a neutral stance. They’re not classified as good guys nor bad guys. They can be either one of them. Pretty lame role if you ask us, but they still bring something useful to the story.

  1. The Invincible One

Ah, to be young and invincible! Well, not all Invincible Ones are young. Others are just plain dumb, thinking that they cannot be infected. So they still go around partying hard,believing they’re immune.

  1. The Blamer

The Toxic Avenger has nothing on the Blamer’s toxicity. He knows about the dangers of the pandemic but does nothing but point fingers at people for all the inconvenience and risks present.

  1. The Hoarder

While he may not be a bad guy, he has become quite a menace. He cleared the shelves of essential items like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and food because he panicked.

The Superstars

These are the good guys, the fan favorites, the ones you know will always do the right thing. Some seem like the goody-two-shoes type of character. Others might be the misunderstood thug. Nevertheless, these are the stand-up individuals who will do whatever it takes to make sure things turn out right in the end.

  1. The Realist

The Realist is a person who acknowledges the reality and gravity of the situation and adjusts his behavior accordingly.

  1. The Worrier

While The Worrier may appear to be a scaredy-cat, he keeps himself informed on the latest updates and does his best to keep himself and his loved ones as safe as possible.

  1. The Contemplator

This person takes the situation seriously and isolates himself to reflect on life and the things that are happening around him.

  1. The Innovator

This is the guy that can turn any resource, even a Giro Union helmet, into PPEor something that can be used to protect others in the fight against COVID-19.

  1. The Supporter

The Supporter also goes by the name The Encourager. He is there to cheer people on and shows solidarity in support of others fighting hard in the pandemic ring.

The Legends

Lastly, the Legends. These guys are the ones who are revered, esteemed, and respected for their contribution to the industry. We also have folks who became legends in their own right in our fight against COVID-19.

  1. The Altruist

The Altruist. The Selfless One. The one who looks beyond his own needs and puts others’ needs before him.

  1. The Warrior

The guy who is most likely to bring the fight to the enemy, not shirking from the adversary’s challenges but fights on the front lines every single day — no matter how grim the battle is — to keep the enemy away from those under his watch.

  1. The Veteran

Also known as The Survivor. One who’s been through one heck of a smackdown against some of the biggest and baddest diseases. He knows what the fight is like because he barely got through it in one piece. He now passes on his knowledge and wisdom to others, training them how to fight back properly.

Among all the different COVID-19 characters? Which one do you think suits you best? Tell us why you think you’re that person in the comments section below.

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