Is wrestling with no fans a good idea?

The coronavirus outbreak has been damaging to the sports and entertainment business. We have seen episodes of both RAW and Smackdown take place behind closed doors recently, which was a little strange, to say the least.

Keeping wrestling going is great for fans, and it may even attract new viewers because there is little else to choose from on TV right now. However, is wrestling with no fans a good idea, and could it do long-term damage if it continues for weeks and possibly months?

Does Wrestling Need Fan Interaction and an Atmosphere?

The feeling is that wrestling comes to life when superstars interact with the fans at ringside and when an atmosphere builds inside an arena. Without that, no matter how good the battle is that takes place in the squared-circle, things seem a little flat.

Should we be happy with this, as it is the only option, or should things be paused to allow fans back into arenas, so that wrestling can continue to put the kind of show on we come to expect?

The latest news from the WWE is that WrestleMania will take place behind closed doors next month. The show has been moved from Tampa Bay and will be on a closed set at the Performance Center, with no fans at all. That won’t stop people from watching at home but will take something away from the atmosphere ringside.

Those who are watching from home will likely include some people who are placing bets on the action. WrestleMania is one of the biggest events of the year, and as such betting markets will be freely available. For those looking to get involved, you can claim free bets on the match over at https://www.maxfreebets.co.uk/ for some added value.

The card for WrestleMania is building up now as the event approaches. We have seen three new matches added to the card in recent days, and that is not likely to be the end of it. One thing we can say for certain is that if the event goes ahead behind closed doors then the WWE will want to make the event as big and appealing as possible, and that will only come through the matches that are on show.

Things remain up in the air, and the effect of wrestling with no fans remains to be seen over the coming weeks and months.

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