Is wrestling betting on the rise?

Wrestling is a sport that has been around since the 1920s and many people have gone on to become professional wrestlers since then. As the sport became more popular, people started placing bets on their favorite wrestler in order to win some extra cash.

Here, we are going to look at wrestling betting over the years and discuss whether it is on the rise or not. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more about this.

What Is Wrestling Betting?

When it comes to online betting and placing a bet on a wrestler, there are various things that you can bet on. Most sites will offer odds on the wrestler that will win the match based on their previous performance. People will then make a decision on who they think will win, stake some cash and watch the match to see the outcome.

In wrestling, you might also want to bet on some of the punches that will be thrown and the moves that you will see in the various rounds. All of these will come with odds and they have been very popular in the betting community for many years.


When you talk about professional wrestling, it is important to explore WWE and how it affects the overall view of this sport. WWE stars put on a show when they are in the ring, however, many people also bet on this sport. World Wrestling Entertainment has been around since 1952 and some of the most popular stars from this sport include John Cena, Triple H and Roman Reigns.

These wrestling matches are watched by people all around the world who place their bets on which wrestler will win.

Is Betting On Wrestling On the Rise?

In 2019, it seems as though many more people are tuning in to watch wrestling matches on their TVs or on their smartphone. For this reason, it is clear that more people are placing bets on this sport as it gains in popularity.

In relation to WWE, it is important to note that it is the largest wrestling promotion in the world and while it is scripted, it is very popular. This sport is available to over 150 countries with more than 36 million viewers. While it is impossible to say how much is spent on betting on WWE every year, it is clear that the increase in viewers correlates with an increased amount of betting. Interestingly, in the past, storylines from WWE matches have been leaked and so many gamblers have used this information to place their bets.

Wrestling betting is not just done on professional scripted matches either. Many people are still going to their local club and seeing people come up against each other. During these matches, they are placing bets and hoping that their winner will come through for them. Wrestling can be an unpredictable sport and so it can come with some pretty big payouts if you manage to place your bet on the winner.

Final Verdict

It is clear that as more people enjoy wrestling in their local club and on WWE, the number of bets has increased. We hope that this sport remains popular for a long time and that betting on it is on the rise. There is a lot of cash to be made on wrestling so make sure to try out betting on this sport if you want to win some while you are watching a match.


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