Is pro wrestling here to stay?

This question has been plaguing fans and organizations themselves. The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has been doing its best to keep the sport in tip-top shape, despite challenges, particularly insofar as viewership and live attendance was concerned.

Let’s face it – the 90s were the sweet spot for the sport. Just like you would play roulette games online and have fun for a while, your fortunes may go up, or go down. Television rights deals were raining left and right and one could say that the segment definitely had a bright future ahead of it. Plain and simple. Yet, the subdued climate for TV right deals may now be showing signs of improvement.

As a result of fresh partnership with Comcast and Fox, RAW and SmackDown are back in the limelight, and this is definitely good news. Fox and Comcast have agreed to five-year partnerships with the organization, which is good sign for the sport – at least in the foreseeable future.

Not least of all, AEW’s Dynamite aired on Wednesday. The All Elite Wrestling show on TNT definitely came on top and beat WWE’s NXT, showing that competition in the sector is going to be taken seriously.

As with any new product there has been a lot of mistrust as to whether the creators can deliver on the desired quality. Judging by the Wednesday production, however, our weeks are going to be quite fun from here on. Back to talking numbers, however, wrestling – as a sport – has quite a bit of competition.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) and basketball in general beat it by quite a bit in terms of viewership – and there are no inappropriate jokes in the NBA. Netflix also seems to be claiming far more of the viewership pie.

Yet, the WWE has pushed on. Challenges have been raining in left and right – weighing the organization down at every possible turn. Yet, the company has found a way to overcome those obstacles – establishing itself on social media, an interesting development.

Things Are Good Well, But Why Are Numbers Down?

And so, here’s the paradox that gambling is facing. Even though most subscriber numbers have been going up, why then attendance and merchandise sales dropping down? With these numbers falling steadily, the reasons for concern are not quite overcome.

Not only that, but talented WWE entertainers are also choosing another career as well. Chris Jericho, for example, has decided to bid the WWE goodbye and hop on the AEW bandwagon. Why trust AEW? There’s absolutely no reason for Jericho to be doing that, but one thing is apparent – the organization has come to a point where change is sorely needed.

One of the big hopes is that the WWE may be focusing on overseas markets as well. In fact, in the 1990s, the company was broadcasting its offer around the world without fear of ever slowing down. Then it just went bust – for whatever reason.

People started spending time on their smartphones, watching shows on demand and many other factors came to sort of dethrone wrestling.

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