Is online gambling legal?

All in all, according to various estimates, there are from 193 to 197 countries in the world today. Is it possible to play on gambling sites everywhere? Let’s find out what the experts of Fancasinos advise. By the way, you can find more information about online gambling on their website.

The whole world map can be roughly divided into 5 groups.

Lack of regulation

So far, this is the largest group, which includes about 40% of the states (93 countries). These are mainly South American countries (Bolivia, Argentina, Peru and Chile) and most of Africa (Zimbabwe, Republic of Chad, Angola and Botswana). Plus individual countries like Belarus, India, Mongolia, and New Guinea located on other continents.

For the most part, these are poor countries that simply do not have the necessary basis for the creation of regulators of online gambling, finalizing the legislation, changing the scheme of tax authorities.


There are exceptions in this group. For example, the European Liechtenstein, which gets most of its income from taxes of companies registered there. Or Egypt, where casinos are a good addition to the tourist business.

Local licenses

The second group includes about 14% of countries (32). They require only a license from the local casinos. These countries include, for example, Canada, Greenland, Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Norway and Latvia.

This approach allows the state not to spend too many resources on online gambling regulation, but at the same time helps to successfully fight illegal establishments.

Full licensing

Another 14% of countries (32) require a license for all casinos, regardless of the geography of registration of the company. These are such countries as Panama, Ethiopia, Georgia, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Finland, France, Great Britain and Germany.

This form of regulation is beneficial to everyone. The state receives more taxes. Gambling sites are on an equal footing. Ordinary players have much more choice and guarantees of reliability of the casino gambling.

Most of Europe is in this group. And this is one of the most profitable markets in terms of casino gambling. The loyalty of local governments coupled with the high standard of living of Europeans allows online casinos to make big money absolutely legally.

Formal struggles

A small part of countries (about 12%) prohibit local casinos but don’t block foreign ones. As a result, local entrepreneurs have to go out of their way to register their companies in offshore zones. This is the only way to reduce the likelihood of administrative and criminal prosecution.

A complete ban

About 19% of states (28 countries) completely or partly prohibit online gambling. These are Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, China, Turkey, USA, Columbia, Indonesia. Plus some African states: South Africa, Mauritania, Somalia, Sudan.

Prohibition may mean not only administrative (and criminal) prosecution. For example, the Russian Roskomnadzor blocks gambling sites and illegal bookmakers. As a result users cannot go to these sites. Or are forced each time to look for new addresses of advertised companies.


In order to work successfully in the markets of different countries, it is necessary to understand the peculiarities of state regulation in each particular region. The situation changes every year: some countries are becoming friendlier to gambling, while others, on the contrary, are tightening the laws.

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