How to write an essay?

The essay is rarely found among student assignments, but, as they say, rarely and aptly. What is the main difficulty? I need help understanding what exactly this format is. If there is a straightforward task, it can be solved, and when you need something like this, with your opinion and position, the main thing is to do just what is necessary.

This article will describe the primary and essential things about essays and the main types. If you wait too long, you will need fast essay writing skills to pull up your deadlines. If you need help determining where your writing level is, follow our tips.

Essay – what is it?

Looking in the dictionary, we will see a description of a work in prose and free composition of a small volume, which conveys individual impressions and thoughts related to the topic. This genre can be described as philosophical, critical, and journalistic.

The main thing you need to know: essays are not works and not essays. They are something in between. It is an excellent opportunity to show your creative abilities and personal judgments and not to be criticized for nothing. In general, essays should be taken with a bang, and you should be confident in such tasks.

The approximate volume of the essay is 8-10 printed pages, which is 15-18 thousand characters.

What are the essays?

Essays can be very different, for example:

  • In the style of essay narrative. Such works can be called mini-stories, accompanied by their vivid emotional assessment. This is how different cases, short biographies, and other “interesting things” are told.
  • The argumentative method is essay argumentation, which combines evidence and reasoning. That is, it is not just essential to describe something but also to explain why.
  • In the style of description – essay-description. In such works, the author can reflect his perception of the subject or phenomenon, characterize the features and criteria, and at the same time not delve into the evaluation.
  • The method of classification is essay classification. Certain types, criteria, and types are distinguished when writing such a task. For example, it can be all of us known and popular ratings of any subject.
  • In the style of comparison – essay-comparison. They compare subjects and evaluate them for similarities and differences. In this case, personal assessment and own opinion are essential.
  • The way of illustrations – essay-illustrations. This format implies that argumentation is used, but logical arguments and words are replaced by visual examples, for example, real-life situations and well-known facts.
  • In the causal analysis style, a logical chain will be built from the author’s reasoning and justifications for why the reason is such.

In the essay, no one is obliged to express only positive beliefs. The content may include a harmful component. However, it is essential to use justification and not just say – I don’t like

Although the structure of this type of work is arbitrary, as a rule, the essay includes three main elements: introduction, central part, and conclusion.

Any essay should begin with an introduction, highlighting the issue’s general context, existing approaches to its solution, and the critical thesis. The opening is essential both to interest the reader and to inform them about what will be covered in the essay.

The first sentence of the introduction should arouse the reader’s interest. In this regard, it is sometimes called the “hook.” It can be a question, a quote, an interesting statistic, or a bold statement emphasizing the topic’s relevance.

Once you have hooked the reader, it is essential to provide context to help them understand the arguments. This may include providing background information, reviewing research papers or opinions on the issue, and explaining complex terms.

Then you should identify the critical thesis of the essay. It focuses on reflection and demonstrates your position on a particular issue. Usually, it is one or two sentences. In terms of volume, the introduction is usually 10 to 20% of the entire essay text.

The central part of the essay is aimed at convincing the reader. To confirm his thesis, the essay’s author should use strong arguments supported by the analysis of scientific facts, research, and information sources. Using quotes from famous scientists, politicians, and public figures is also appropriate. At the same time, the essay’s author should not describe everything he knows in the scope of the given topic but provide only a creative answer to the question, which is confirmed by relevant arguments. On average, the volume of the central part of the essay is from 60 to 80% of the total text of the work.

The essay should have logical completeness, provided by its last part – the conclusions, the volume of which is no more than 10-20% of the entire text. The findings show the connection between the arguments set out in the central part and the overall result of the work, which confirms the critical thesis. At the same time, the result can be an assertion of something and an open question or incomplete reflection. Qualitative conclusions can end with a catchy or memorable sentence that emphasizes the importance of your work and leaves a solid overall impression on the reader.

If in your work you cite quotations, refer to information sources and scientific works, you should put the appropriate references in the text and make a list of references. If you feel lost with your writing, find services like writance that will help you.

Such a logically constructed essay will demonstrate a high level of preparation and the ability to express your thoughts concisely. After writing the article, it should be checked for grammatical and lexical errors and whether you achieved your goal and answered the essay’s central question.

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