How to win with college basketball predictions

College basketball predictions are tricky to make because there are so many different variables to consider—players’ health, their team’s schedule, motivation and even how they slept the night before. This means it’s essential to consider all these things when making your college basketball predictions to give yourself the best chance of success in this market. Keep reading for a quick reference guide on how to win with college basketball predictions!

  • Trends

Predictions are fun, but how do you know who to bet on? Watching a game with casual fans is easy to study the teams and players. Studying individual stats like shooting percentages, turnovers, rebounds, and fouls can also provide valid data points. The latest trends in college basketball predictors come from analyzing shot charts of each team’s past performance. This is a handy method for quickly assessing which team’s defense could be vulnerable or whether the previous match-up with a particular opponent can indicate what might happen in the future.

  • Key Stats

The key stats that matter when trying to find a perfect bracket are RPI and SOS. The RPI calculates a team’s strength based on its performance against the top, middle, and lower-ranked teams. SOS is the same, but each team has its opponent’s rank considered. There are also two tools for analyzing a team’s current schedule–opponents’ ranks or opponents’ win-loss records will help you make predictions.

  • Coaching

You need to read all the information you can get your hands on, which means looking at stats, reading team histories and checking out what people are saying on social media. Some websites offer this type of data, but it’s up to you if they’re trustworthy or not.

  • Rivalries

Do you know the difference between in-state and out-of-state rivalries? Rivalries don’t always have to be between different teams; they can be between different cities. Michigan State and Michigan are both rivals in football because they’re both within the state of Michigan. Kentucky and Louisville are both rivals because they’re in Kentucky, meaning that each team is playing another from the same state.

  • Overlooked Factors

A good way to win your predictions is by looking at the small details, not just the overall picture. Have a game plan, and be sure you’ve researched each team to know their strengths and weaknesses. A game plan will show you how much time each player spends on the court, how often they score points, how many times they make free throws, etc. This will help you make better predictions based on more information.

  • Notable Underdogs

Contrary to popular belief, upsets can happen and sometimes it’s as simple as picking an underdog. Since so many people are tied up in large-scale tournaments like March Madness, it’s often hard for college basketball teams further down the standings to get any attention. But some of these underdogs might be worth looking into if you’re trying to beat the house.


The answer is simple if you have been wondering how to win with college basketball predictions. You need to read this blog post on that topic, and all your questions will be answered. We hope you found this blog post helpful!

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