How to use an online bookmaker for your wrestling bets

The world of wrestling is massively popular with lots of fans in a wide range of countries, from the US to Japan. Naturally, some of those people may wish to place bets on the outcome of fights and events and they may do so using online bookmakers.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at how to make wrestling bets online with sportsbooks and betting sites. We’ll also look at how wrestling works and the types of bets that people can place.

But first, let’s explore the benefits of using online bookmakers as opposed to physical betting shops

The benefits of using an online bookmaker

There are many perks to using an online bookmaker compared with a brick-and-mortar shop. One obvious benefit is greater convenience and variety. With physical betting shops, you need to travel there to make a bet. If you want to cash in that bet, you must travel back there with your betting slip — which some people lose!

If you live somewhere with few betting shops, you may have limited variety too. So, if the odds they offer aren’t great, you may not have the luxury of going next door to a different shop with better odds.

With an online bookmaker, you can search to see who’s offering the best odds with the help of odds checkers and comparison sites. You can also research different betting companies by reading online reviews on sites such as BestOdds.com.

There are other potentially financially beneficial perks to using an online bookmaker over a physical shop too. One of these is the ability to access a welcome bonus when you first sign up online.

One of the most popular bonuses you can receive is the matched first bet or first deposit. So, when you first sign up, if you deposit or bet $100, the betting site will double the stake or credit your account with the equivalent sum. Regular online players may also receive deals, coupons and free betting credit.

These are things you don’t get with physical bookmakers. When you first step inside, you can barely expect to receive a hello let alone a 50% bonus.

About wrestling and betting

Some people may not realize how old the sport of wrestling is. It has a history stretching back to the times of the Ancient Greeks. Professional wrestling, however, has been around for a lot fewer years.

The main professional organization is World Wrestling Entertainment, also known as WWE. It was previously known as the World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

The WWE organizes fights and events mainly in the US, but also in Canada and other parts of the world, such as the UK and Europe.

It signs fighters to a roster and pits them against each other for different titles and belts. Fights can involve just two fighters, or there could be tag team matches. Fights can also involve weapons and cages around the ring.

It’s possible to make different types of bets on these matches and events. For example, you can pick a fighter to win a match or choose their method of victory. You could also back the winner of events such as the Summer Slam, the Royal Rumble or WrestleMania.

How to use an online bookmaker for wrestling bets

Using an online bookmaker for wrestling bets couldn’t be easier. A benefit that we didn’t mention in the section above is that betting apps and websites are often very user-friendly.

They’re also very accessible, meaning you can download and install apps on most mobile devices nowadays.

Once you’re signed up, check for any welcome bonuses and then have a look through the sports for wrestling.

You’ll likely be shown a list of all the upcoming or live fights and events. You simply click each one to see the odds on:

  • Moneyline bets (win/lose)
  • Proposition bets for different types of outcomes
  • Event winners

Some betting sites offer enhanced odds and special deals close to the time of big wrestling events such as WrestleMania or the Royal Rumble, so it’s always worth keeping an eye on things.

Another benefit of betting with an online bookmaker is that if you win, you’ll receive an immediate payout. There’s no need to go down to the bookmakers and cash in. Your account will be credited as soon as the wrestling match has ended.

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