How to learn to write an interesting essay on a free topic

Writing a fiction essay is often difficult for students and schoolchildren. This is because this type of academic work involves a creative approach and a rather frank presentation of their thoughts. Not everyone has an innate talent for eloquence, but the skill of beautiful presentation is useful for many reasons.

Why learn to write an essays?

 No one is obliging you to devote your life to literary writing or journalism. But acquiring some of the skills inherent in the representatives of these spheres will be extremely useful for any average person. If you need to, you can always turn to the paper writer from the WritingAPaper service, who loves to write texts on any topic. You will get qualified help.

How can writing skills come in handy in life?

First, you can not deny that presenting their thoughts to the interlocutor in a literate form is necessary for any type of communication. Whether it be business negotiations, a friendly sit-down, or a chat with a loved one. Hardly possible in all three cases, you can be limited to capacious interjections and expressive gestures.

Secondly, you will have to correspond one way or another. Business or love – it does not matter. In both cases, an adequate presentation of the situation will play into your hands and help you convey your ideas or feelings to the recipient.

How to choose a topic for an essay?

Immediately I remember the heroine of the movie “Till Monday”, whose essay, written on the topic of happiness, caused a storm of indignation on the part of the teacher and unconcealed interest of classmates. There was silence in the classroom during the reading. It was interesting to listen to.

Why interesting? The answer is obvious. Emotion and sincerity bribe the audience better than the most flawless in-form text. So it is better to choose a topic that causes your genuine interest.

Do you like to spend time with friends? Write about friendship. Do you like to travel? Share your thoughts on the subject. You don’t have to try to talk about Newton’s Binom if you can barely explain what it is.

Where to start?

Having decided on the topic, you need to compose the structure of the essay. Yes, you can not adhere to strict rules here, but the composition should still be present. The introduction, the main part, and the conclusion are the components of any literary work.

But before you think through the phrases for the introduction, it’s better to give yourself full freedom of speech and sketch some thoughts on a separate sheet of paper. Be free in terms of expression, because no one will ever read the draft. That way you’ll let your emotions run free, and they will help you be creative.

When the flow of thoughts runs out, you can proceed to structure and consistent presentation.

Leave terms, concepts, and other strict forms for other assignments. In an essay on a free subject, the speech should pour from the depths of the soul, and it should be expressed in language that is understandable to a wide audience.

Emphasize that all thoughts in the text belong to you personally. Use phrases such as “I believe”, “I am convinced”, “I know for sure” and so on.

The essay should not be taken as an admonition to the irrational and the suffering, and it should not even feel like advice. It is a personal opinion, to which you have every right.

Essay structure

Before you begin structuring, think again about what the main point of the essay is. Everything you write should be subordinated to one single, main idea.

Cliché phrases suitable for this kind of work are very helpful in composing the final text. Templates help write an essay because they are the hook for the thoughts that follow.

Many students who find essay writing difficult often turn to the best college essay writing service where they get help with the assignment. If you feel the need, don’t hesitate to contact the experts.

Introductory part

You can begin your essay with general phrases expressing a common point of view on the topic you are parsing in your paper.

“Friendship is a sincere relationship between people based on understanding and mutual help.”

But you can do things very differently and start with an open-ended question.

“What is friendship?”

Or with a closed one:

“Is friendship something important and obligatory in a person’s life?”

Even such a short introduction will be quite enough for an essay. And, by the way, you don’t have to limit yourself to general judgments, you are free to start by expressing your point of view.

“I am convinced that friendship is an important part of any person’s life!”

Main part

Here you can write anything you want within the limits of censorship and common sense. Your thoughts, their comparison with generally accepted notions about the subject of your reasoning, arguments in favor of your own beliefs, as well as internal contradictions, if they exist.

The only rule that must be followed is consistency and coherence of sentences and paragraphs. Thoughts should flow from one to the other, not push each other out, rudely disrupting the chain of thought.


Any other academic work requires the student to draw clear and concise conclusions. The essay is a work of free composition, and there are no particular requirements here. However, any reasoning in one way or another inclines us to summarize and consolidate our position or reject it outright, and the mysterious ellipsis at the end of the text is a bad option.

What to write in the conclusion of the essay? What you have come to in the course of your reflection is your concentrated point of view on the topic you have raised.

“I’ve been speculating for a long time on the subject of friendship and have concluded that a true friend is one for life.”

“I know, and hardly anyone will change my mind, that a man can have as many good and loyal friends as he wants.”

After completing your essay, we recommend you reread it several times to check for mistakes. By the way, contact the best writing services for editing your paper if you want your essay to be perfect.

Essay length

Even if thoughts require a long and desperate flight to far distances, remember that an essay is, after all, a small literary form. You shouldn’t accelerate to a large volume; try to express ideas compactly.

It is considered that the volume of an essay on a free topic should not exceed 7 pages of computer paper. But often, students fit their inferences into 2-3. This is quite enough to shine with incipient eloquence and get an excellent grade!

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