How to choose running shoes for high arches?

When we run, our foot performs two main movements: pronation and supination, that are responsible for shock absorption when landing, and a push when pushing off. That’s why getting a pair of proper running shoes for high arches is essential.

Pronation is a vital and important thing to know about. When landing, the leg hits the ground and, according to the laws of energy conservation, this blow goes into the body. If a direct impulse damps it, then the knee, hip joint, and lower back will have too much load. It’s like dropping scrap metal onto the ground. But at this moment, pronation turns on. Touching the surface, the foot rotates, becomes flatter, and turns outward. And when you have pronation problems, it might be a bit complicated for you to feel comfortable while running.

What Is Your Pronation Type?

Are you sure you have an underpronation? There are three ways to determine whether you have under or overpronation. Of course, the simplest method is to visit a doctor, but you can do it on your own as well, or meet a specialist and take the GAIT test.

Visual inspection

Stand straight, then, without bending your knee or lifting your foot off the floor, stick your index finger under the arch of your foot. Measure the distance between your foot and your finger and compare to these results:

  • 25 mm or more means that you have a high arch;
  • less than 12 mm matches flat arch;
  • from 12 to 25 mm means that you have a normal arch.

GAIT running analysis

This is a dynamic method for discovering the biomechanics of the foot. It helps to choose sports shoes by taking into account the individual characteristics of a person.

To determine your foot’s characteristics while running and walking, the specialist uses a special “smart” track analyzer. GAIT analysis is probably the only way to determine ankle deflection angles during pronation accurately. It is difficult to choose sneakers with protection for underpronation feet, and there is a risk that the correction will be insufficient or excessive. Such an analysis allows you to select running shoes, taking into account the individual characteristics of running biomechanics and avoid injuries associated with mistakes when choosing sneakers.

Finding the Perfect Sneaker Pair

After you made sure you have a high arch, check out the models recommended for your pronation type. The first advice for you is not to be shy and try sneakers as long as you need it. The second one is to be very attentive and pay attention to the minor inconveniences your feet might experience in the shoes.

Underpronators are prone to shock injuries, so they should choose neutral sneakers with strong cushioning. Adidas, Nike, Asics, Puma, and most other modern sports brands have matching models in their collections, so it’s not a big problem to find one.

Pay attention to:

  • Extra midsole cushioning for effective shock absorption;
  • Outsole cushioning that helps compensate for outward roll-over;
  • Heel cushioning;
  • Flexible sole to allow you to distribute the load evenly.

The Bottom Line

Correction is necessary to bring your pronation closer to normal. Luckily, manufacturers offer to compensate for these features of a human foot using special sole mechanisms. Their task is to protect the runner from injuries, unnecessary stress, and make the work out process more comfortable.

When choosing a new pair of sports shoes, make sure to take into account the features of your feet described in this article. Large manufacturing companies focused on professional athletes always rely on basic parameters when designing running sneakers and simply high-quality sports shoes. They have a huge scientific and technical base, test new materials, and are constantly improving their collections.

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