Has Shaq just called out the Big Show and will it happen at WrestleMania?


Shaquille O’Neal has stoked last year’s fire by hinting he could be ready to face the Big Show, a year after the fight fell through at WrestleMania 33.

The former Lakers star pulled out last year due to the WWE supposedly messing him around, saying “First, they said it was me and Big Show. Then, they said it was going to be 3 and 3. Then, they cancelled it so when they cancelled it, I made other arrangements. And then they tried to call back and tried to get it done, and I just said, ‘I’m not going to do it.’”

But it appears he’s changed his mind. The 7’1” giant spoke to Chris van Vliet of WSVN-TV opening up the possibility of a matchup once again at WrestleMania 35.

He said, “Is he [Big Show] going to be fighting? Is he retired? I thought he retired? You lied to me, Big Show? When is it? Next April?

“I got enough time to get these back up. You ready for that, Big Show? I don’t think you are. Can’t squeeze that, can’t squeeze the rock can ya? I’ll think about it.”

Effectively calling out the Big Show, it could be a long year of build up between these two if it is going to happen.

The chances are still slim however. The Big Show was seemingly written out of fighting when attacked by Braun Strowman, the 46-year-old then requiring hip surgery.

He made a return in April to induct Mark Henry into the WWE Hall of Fame, but appearances have been few and far between.

A return seems unlikely, but it isn’t going to stop fans speculating on what could be a huge fight at WrestleMania 35.

The event is already shaping up nicely, with a number of stories beginning to take shape ahead of some big battles. The Undertaker and Braun Strowman seems a possibility, while AJ Styles putting his belt on the line against Finn Balor is also being discussed by the wrestling world.

The early odds are also suggesting Brock Lesnar will face off against Roman Reigns, a bout that would be well worth an early no deposit free bet. Other bouts the bookmakers are expecting is Ronda Rousey versus Charlotte Flair, a year after the former UFC fighter made her debut.

For the meantime though, we will sit and wait in hope for the Big Show and Shaq to return to the ring and confirm they will get it on at WrestleMania. The retired basketball star has certainly set his stall out. He wants it, it’s now over to Vince McMahon and the Big Show to make it happen.