Fun facts about pro wrestling

Wrestling is rather an interesting sport that you would want to try out. Probably not try out but even watch. Growing up, a lot of people were really fascinated by wrestling. And from the time that it started we must say that the popularity it has gained is out of this world. And because of that, it was integrated to entertainment wrestling.

And because they cannot only cater for people that love the telly but also cater for people that love online casino nz slots. Then they went on to introduce slot themes that were centred on wrestling. But we feel as though people have little knowledge about wrestling. And because this is the case we have decided to give you fun facts about wrestling so that you have a better understanding of the sport.

Facts to Read About

  • Do you know anything about Make-A-Wish Foundation? And you would wonder why this is even in connection with wrestling. But let’s cut to the chase. Do you know that John Cena is currently holding the record for granting the most wishes.
  • Probably you have seen a lot of wrestlers that wear masks. But did you know that after the fight when Kane beat Steve Austin he was the first WWE Champion to actually put on a mask.
  • How interesting is it to see a movie that has big wrestling personalities actually acting? The undertaker is a rather controversial character in wrestling and acting with one of the biggest wrestlers (Hulk Hogan) in the world is just the most astounding thing you could ever ask for. Maybe it’s time casinos in usa create a slot based on him.
  • From a wrestler to a writer? That seems pretty interesting. After being a superstar on RAW and WWE, CM Punk went on to write or become a writer perhaps for comic books. We must say that the switch of professions is rather unusual, which makes it interesting.


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