Five WWE stars to watch closely in 2020

2019 was an excellent year for WWE fans, as there was some crazy action going on. The same can be expected in 2020 and the schedule promises a lot of exciting events.

Of course, most of it depends on the athletes, the WWE superstars that live to entertain the crowd. This post will focus on the WWE wrestlers that you need to watch closely in 2020 for one reason or another.

Don’t forget that you can actually bet on WWE and try to make some money while watching your favorite athletes as well.

With that in mind, here are the WWE stars that deserve special attention in the upcoming year.

Brock Lesnar

Many people love Brock Lesnar and some hate him. There are very few that are indifferent to the guy and for a good reason. He is not exactly committed to WWE and some fans don’t like that, but Lesnar knows how to put up a show.

He’s also a legitimate fighter with a UFC world title in the heavyweight division, so he helped the overall reputation of pro wrestling.

The expectations are that Lesnar will be more active in 2020, so we will likely see a lot of shows with him involved.

King Baron Corbin

If you don’t like King Baron Corbin, you are part of the majority. Despite that, Vince McMahon has been promoting him heavily and there should be more of the same in 2020.

The reason is simple – this is a man you simply love to hate. Admit it, it’s one of those bad guys that you dislike so much that you tune in every time he’s out there, hoping to see his ass kicked.

Every good show needs a villain and King Baron Corbin is perfect for the role. That’s why he will be there during 2020 as well.

Pete Dunne

Pete Dunne was born to be a wrestler and started competing in his teenage years. The WWE NXT UK’s star is now part of the main WWE NXT show. That’s hardly a surprise considering Dunne’s popularity.

At only 26, he’s poised to be one of the big superstars of the near future and 2020 should be pivotal for a potentially legendary career for the British wrestler.

Rhea Ripley

If you are looking for the toughest and most exciting female wrestlers out there, Rhea Ripley certainly has a case. She’s charming in her interviews but one Rhea enters the ring, she becomes truly devastating for any opponent.

Fans love her and Ripley’s future in WWE seems bound to success. Let’s not forget that she’s only 23 and already has found a lot of love by the fans. If Rhea reaches her ceiling in 2020, this is going to be one hell of a year for her and the WWE crowds.


Ever since Rusev played the role of an evil Russian, there was something about the guy that attracted a lot of fans. The Bulgarian has been misused by the WWE and the organization has struggled to find the perfect role for him.

And yet, Rusev remains a fan favorite and the love triangle between him, Lana, and Lashley raised his stock even further. Most people were on his side and it’s time for the Bulgarian wrestler to rise in 2020.

If the WWE gets it right this time around, Rusev can become a true superstar.

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