Fat, fade, fire, and Royal Rumble odds

Body shaming isn’t just for teenage girls on Instagram.

Chris Jericho is the latest victim of psychological-emotional abuse. NBA fans recently called out the AEW Champ for his ‘dad bod.’ AEW Dynamite aired directly after the evening NBA game last week, and basketball fans took to the internet like toddlers to a tablet and ran up a string of tweets and social posts with the hashtag, #fatJericho.

Sure, Chris Jericho isn’t perfectly cut and ripped any more. But to be fair, the man is 50 years old. So, with that in mind, he’s in great physical condition for his age. Jericho responded to the tweets with an open shirt selfie and the statement, “Awwww, they are [body shaming me]? Well, either way, I guarantee I can do more timed pushups, weighted squats, and incline sit-ups than all of them AND still draw record ratings. I have a really thick skin, kids…. #LeChampion.”

The idea was to show how ripped he is, and that’s what the headlines read, ‘Jericho Responds to Body-Shaming With Ripped Selfie.’ Honestly, he still looks pretty dad-bod-ish in the picture, but that’s OK; he’s 50. Furthermore, he’s right. He probably still outwork 95% of the people on the planet in the gym.

Fade to Black

You may know him as Brodi Lee. You may know him as Luke Harper. No matter the name, his presence in and out of the ring was undeniable. Friends, family, and wrestling fans lost a great one this weekend as Jon Huber succumbed to an undisclosed lung illness.

The AEW and WWE communities are still reeling. “It doesn’t feel real. It feels like I’m in a very vivid dream, and I’m waiting to snap out of it. My brain hasn’t accepted it yet. Right now, I’m completely f—— numb. He was an incredible person. While so many of us would be all hot about some wrestling angle, he would find a way to turn negatives into a positive or an inside joke. He was the exact person you wanted in the locker room. I was so glad to be around him again in AEW.” – Jon Moxley.

Whether in the WWE, AEW or before, everybody who worked with Huber had similar things to say. He was a brilliant athlete, especially for a big man. But more than anything, he was a great guy to be around, and he elevated the believability of the scenes, in and out of the ring, for wrestling fans watching.

Burned Raw

As we move closer to the Royal Rumble on January 21st, we get a clearer picture of who’ll most likely be standing in the ring the longest. Here’s a little hint: it’s not Randy Orton, who is 33/1 on the latest betting odds boards for who’ll win the Royal Rumble–if you bet on the event, be sure to take advantage of the best betting bonuses.

On the heels of Randy Orton burning the Fiend in a box, then later in the ring, Alexa Bliss calls Orton to the ring, but instead, he shows up in the Firefly Funhouse and destroys it. Afterward, he did show up to the ring, and Bliss doused herself with gasoline and taunted Orten to light her on fire. Orton hesitated, and she called him out on not being as sick and evil as he seems because he can’t burn her up. But when the lights went out, you see him light a match, and then we are left wondering, did he torch Alexa Bliss?

Raw to Rumble

The Raw and Smackdown storylines always build into the big Pay Per View events. But even though Orton and the Fiend have been center stage, Orton is a long shot to win the Royal Rumble.

Surprisingly, Kieth Lee is the odds-on favorite to smash his way through the Men’s Royal Rumble. Here are the current odds up to 25/1:

  • Keith Lee 5/2
  • Daniel Bryan 3/1
  • Goldberg 9/2
  • Big E 5/1
  • Edge 5/1
  • Brock Lesnar 8/1
  • The Rock 9/1
  • AJ Styles 10/1
  • Drew McIntyre 12/1
  • Kevin Owens 12/1
  • Roman Reign 12/1
  • Bray Wyatt 14/1
  • CM Punk 18/1
  • Braun Strowman 20/1
  • Jey Uso 20/1
  • Seth Rollins 20/1
  • Sheamus 20/1
  • Adam Cole 25/1
  • Andrade 25/1
  • John Cena 25/1
  • Matt Riddle 25/1
  • Otis 25/1
  • Tyson Fury 25/1

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