Everything you need to know about betting on WWE

Over the past couple of years, sports betting has seen some great changes in the world, but particularly in the USA. Several countries like New Jersey and Nevada, have already passed bills to legalize betting, and more are expected to join.

But, no one could have imagined that an event like WWE could be something that people would want to bet on. Even though World Wrestling Entertainment wants to be recognized, even in part, as a sports category, this won’t be happening in the near future. So, why and how do people bet on the phenomenon known as WWE?

Where Can You Bet On WWE?

Even though WWE is one of the most-watched shows in the USA, it’s hardly likely that it will ever be offered at any American sportsbooks as an option to bet on. This is mostly due to the unique nature of WWE’s scripted events and strict rules and regulations of the American sportsbooks that determine what you can and can’t wager upon. This doesn’t mean that US operators don’t and aren’t planning to provide enough interesting options. One example is Online Gambling in Michigan, which is expected to be every player’s dream for online entertainment very soon.

However, there’s a variety of offshore bookies and European sportsbooks bookies that have included WWE as a part of their regular offer. Although it was unthinkable that players would show any interest in betting on scripted events, they did. And the fact that anything can happen until the very end of the match and that it’s all just a show makes wagering into WWE a completely new and exciting experience.

What About The Odds?

Well, this might be one of the strangest things when it comes to betting on WWE. Because of the way that these events take place, and the preplanned ending of the show, the odds are mostly very low. In this way, the fans aren’t in danger of losing too much money even though their winning wouldn’t be that big.

Betting On WWE, Even If It Makes No Sense

So, if odds are low and the event is scripted, why would anyone want to place a bet on WWE? The reason for this phenomenon is simple. People who like watching their favorite fighters win or lose, and watching all the drama happen, like to feel like part of the show. And betting on the outcome is one of the ways.

The second reason is entertainment. Everything about WWE is connected to fun and having a good laugh. And this feeling is only enhanced by placing a wager on any of their matches.

Weird and Fun Betting Options

Bettors around the world are familiar with traditional betting options. But anything connected to WWE is impossible to be ordinary. So you might stumble upon several interesting betting options, especially on multi-person events like Royal Rumble.

So here are some of the things that you can bet on when watching WWE:

  • First to appear – Or which fighter will come to the show first
  • First-time winner – This might refer to the match, the season, or the tournament. The fighter that you opt for shouldn’t have won anything before.
  • Bout Outcome – This is only reserved for dedicated fans. The bettor needs to make a precise prediction of how the match will end.
  • Longest ring time – You will need to pick which fighter will stay the longest time inside the ring.
  • Most Eliminations Made – You’ll need to pick a wrestler who will eliminate the most opponents.

The Writer Of The Script Is The Ultimate Judge

Fans of WWE should never forget that no matter how much they think they know about wrestling, there’s one person who knows better. And that’s the writer of the show. Before wagering on WWE, catch up with previous seasons to learn more about the writer’s patterns, so it can be easier for you to predict the outcome.

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