Easy steps to take your bodyweight workouts up a notch

Fitness is what you live and breathe! It is your life’s motivation, it’s what you stand for and is what gets you up at first light and provides you with the stimulation to live out each existing day to the maximum! It’s true, you are obsessed with keeping yourself in incredible shape and have made it your mission in life to transform your body into the sculpture of a Greek god. You have exhausted all basic training methods and feel you are now the master of the universe in all things workout! You have conquered every bodyweight exercise known to man, your squats are perfected, you can perform push-ups from dusk till dawn and your lunges, well let’s just say that work is now complete!

Time to Push Yourself to the Next Level!

You think that it is now time to shake things up a little, throw in some new, extravagant, and even challenging moves, the moves that will assist you on your path to glory of becoming even bigger and greater than you already stand! Your mind is set, your new mission is ready to begin and you are adamant about taking your bodyweight work-out to extreme heights, the only problem is how do you do it? Well guys, here are a few easy steps on how you can push yourself to the next level and take your bodyweight training up a notch or two!

Add Some Weight

Adding more weight to your regular workout is a great way to increase your heart rate and get your blood well and truly pumping! Adding more weight will ensure that you use more muscles and more muscle usage equals elevated heart rates! When your heart rate rises it causes your workout to be much more intense, resulting in far more calories being totally burnt out. A good idea is to create your own weight vest which can be worn during many basic moves such as squats and push-ups. Another way you can introduce more weight to your current regime is by holding weights in one or both hands when performing reps.

Increase Your Reps

You can aim to push your reps to the next limit by increasing the number of reps performed in a session. Try and better your record, aim higher by trying to gain a greater number of reps completed within your usual timeframe. For instance, if you can usually succeed in completing 25 push-ups within 50 seconds, try and beat your current record and go for say 30 push-ups in the exact amount of time. By pushing yourself that little bit further you will reap the rewards!

Decrease Your Rest Time

A good idea to set yourself the ultimate test is by decreasing your rest time or eliminating it to the best of your ability. Carry on with your usual regime but instead of taking the usual time of rest, shorten it or go straight onto the next move in your workout. By doing so, your heart rate will be constantly elevated resulting in a more fierce workout!

Introduce a Little Plyometric or Isometric Exercises to Your Workout!

Introducing plyometric or isometric exercises to your regular workout session can be the ultimate way to take your training up a notch. You can start by performing a few plyometric push-ups or some jumping lunges to get into the swing of things or choose to push your body far enough to endure the burn by keeping your body weight in a set position. Doing so will put additional pressure upon the muscles, which will aid in strengthening them into muscles of steel!

Reduce Your Stability

Reducing your stability can work to push your workout to the next level. Put yourself in a position where you are off-balance and by doing this you will develop more stabilizer muscles to complete specific exercises. Try performing moves that include lifting one leg whilst performing push-ups or placing your feet closer together during squats. If you really want to push yourself to record-breaking heights then you could try moves such as one-legged squats or one-armed push-ups.

There are masses of ways on how you can take your mind and body to the ultimate training level you wish to achieve! You can easily introduce your workout session to changes that will allow you to perform a more intense, fierce, and all-around greater vigorous workout. By adding just a few simple steps to your regular training regime, your ambitions can be successfully achieved. Just bear in mind to add more weight, increase those reps, maybe adopt a little plyometric/isometric exercises and reduce your stability!

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