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Since ancient times, people have been attracted by the mysterious nature of human sleep. Indeed, sometimes what appeared at night could predict or influence the future. There are many interpreters of dreams, each is good in its own way. “DreamApp” decided to combine for its readers what this or that reference can mean. Also on their website you can find a variety of dream symbols, fascinating articles and numerous reviews that confirm their competence in this area.

What can dreams tell?

Dreams convey messages from the unconscious and help you enter into a dialogue with it. According to Freud, they represent forbidden desires in symbolic form, allowing us to experience what we cannot get or do in reality. And as Jung believed, dreams help maintain mental balance. What are dreams made of? For 40% – from the impressions of the day, and the rest – from scenes associated with fears, anxieties, worries. There are dream plots common to all mankind. But the meaning of the same plot is unique for everyone.

Features of this mobile application

Huge symbol library

Each of these symbols is individually described by the industry’s greatest expert, Jesse Lyon, giving you the possible meaning and direction to improve your life.

Expert advice

The service offers you advice from experienced and qualified experts in the industry.

Interpretation with AI

The application analyzes the text using a special machine algorithm to interpret the given characters, all this is done with unconscious thinking. The result will amaze you!

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep deprivation affects the immune system. Simply put, the antiviral system simply does not have time to recover, thereby being oppressed. This makes us vulnerable to any infections. Also, the nervous system does not give signals to the body to fight the multiplying bacilli. She (the nervous system) would have to cope with the resulting stress from lack of sleep, where is there to treat us!

The nervous system directly depends on how you observe sleep patterns. If you look at what the cerebral cortex consists of, then we will see a huge number of neurons and nerve fibers that connect with each other and sometimes change these connections. The brain works even when we sleep, but in the “energy saving” mode, all processes slow down. Caught in our body, incl. brain, toxic substances are neutralized at night during sleep. If we don’t give enough rest time to the head, then the nerve cells become excited, work above the norm, the mood becomes anxious, aggressive, depressed, etc. The brain becomes incapable of labor activity, efficiency decreases.

When you dream – is it good or bad?

Previously, scientists considered dreams to be a useless by-product of sleep, but recent research refutes this opinion – dreams provide us with emotional help and positively affect brain function.


This application will turn out to be not just a toy for you for a few minutes, you will completely immerse yourself in the meaning of your dream. This is a great leisure and distraction from everyday tasks. Which greatly diversifies your day and will give positive emotions after reading an individual analysis of your dreams.

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