CrossFit for the squared circle: why CrossFit goes hand in hand with wrestling

As of 2020, the WWE, the largest wrestling promotion in the US, has a listed net worth of $5.71 billion,  according to an article published on Sportskeeda. The chance at a hefty paycheck,  along with other benefits, has led to more people than ever pursuing their dream of professional wrestling. Given the physical demands of being a professional wrestler, having a good fitness routine is essential.
CrossFit’s rising popularity with WWE Superstars isn’t just because of some trend. Instead, it’s because of certain traits CrossFit has that makes it ideal for professional wrestlers.
CrossFit Workouts Are Scalable To The Specific Wrestler
One of the most popular supporters of CrossFit for pro wrestlers is grand slam champion Seth Rollins. Also known as CrossFit Jesus, Rollins talked about how his trainer programmed his workout to suit his needs while sustaining a look that worked for the WWE,  according to an interview with ESPN. In the interview he talked about how his height and weight meant that his in-ring style had to be more dynamic than larger wrestlers who could just stand there and dish out attacks.
This meant that his workout had to be just as dynamic as he was. The ability to customize a CrossFit workout, coupled with the  simple yet effective equipment used in CrossFit means that any pro wrestler, regardless of their body type or fitness needs.
CrossFit Takes Injuries Into Consideration
No matter how careful a wrestler is, there’s always a chance they’ll get injured. Even on their downtime, pro wrestlers need to keep fit and ready for their in-ring return. Bayley, the first ever women’s grand slam WWE champion, suffered an injury during a match 5 months after starting her CrossFit training.
Josh Gallegos, her CrossFit trainer, was able to adjust her workout to keep her fit while allowing her to heal, both physically and mentally. Gallegos had also done so for Rollins after the terrible injury Rollins had suffered in 2015.
The CrossFit Community Is Like Family
One thing pro wrestlers have to do on a regular basis is travel. With shows taking place at different locations across America every week, many superstars don’t have the luxury of having a regular gym. In the aforementioned ESPN interview, Bayley said that the atmosphere feels like family, which is especially helpful on the road.
Since many of these pros spend days, or even weeks away from their homes and families, having an environment that feels like home is essential for maintaining good mental health.
Seth Rollins and Bayley aren’t the only WWE superstars on the CrossFit road, though. Other superstars like Cesaro, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch have all had social media posts showing them working out in CrossFit boxes. These superstars have an impressive collection of championship belts between them, with Charlotte winning the Women’s Title multiple times and Becky earning the nickname Becky-Two-Belts holding both the SmackDown and Raw Women’s titles at the same time. With accolades like that, it’s hard to argue with the benefits CrossFit offers pro wrestlers.

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