Collegiate wrestling: how competition heats up student study motivation

Americans love sports. They love American football, wrestling, powerlifting, boxing, basketball, and all other types of sports that can come to your mind.

Sports is so well-rooted into American culture that if you are good enough, it can be your ticket to higher education and other benefits.

There is no surprise that studying in colleges and universities is expensive in the US. Not everyone can afford it, so aspiring young people are left to hope for a student loan or scholarship. Luckily, collegiate wrestling can be one of the reasons why a talented sportsman can get a chance to enroll in a higher educational institution.

Provided that many talented sportsmen often lack time to study at high school, turning to various help with your essay services is a common thing. Such learners spend every free minute they have to show the best results and compete for a scholarship.

Even though they spend much more time in the gym rather than in a library, the motivation to study is much stronger than it seems.

Why Wrestling?

Despite all variety of sports, wrestling is the number one choice for many high schoolers. Many people find it strange why wrestling gets so much attention, but, in fact, it is a very difficult sport.

The majority of high school students do not have the power and strength to complete one wrestling season.

Moreover, wrestling usually requires soft and hard skills that demonstrate a person’s professional traits best. For example, wrestlers are required to work hard to reach their goals while staying humble when getting rewards. Every following season is harder than the previous one, so it requires motivation and continuous improvement to meet the next goal.

Professional wrestlers claim that wrestling is not a traditional sport. It is an art or a way of living. They say that it requires great dedication and persistence because sportsmen need to focus on technique and master it. Thus, a good wrestler should be okay with repetition because only then the technique becomes muscle memory.

Wrestling is an individual sport, but it requires teamwork skills. Even though you compete alone, you usually travel to competitions with a wrestling team.

Apart from that, dedication is required to keep newbies motivated. Since it is a difficult sport, many people give up doing it. Thus, it also demonstrates a strength of character and resilience to the pain.

Moreover, wrestling is universally understood. This is a kind of sport which is practiced in many countries, so everyone gets it, but not everyone can do it.

Regardless of your height, size, weight and other parameters, you can wrestle. The only criterion that will keep you in this sport for long is your self-motivation.

How Does Wrestling Benefit You?

Wrestling is not only your ticket to college but also a path to a strong character and healthy habits. This sport is not only about winning the title.

It is about developing a strong physical base, emotional and psychological endurance that can benefit young people later in life.

Healthy Eating

Wrestlers are different from other sportspeople. Their diet should include only healthy meals in small portions that are enough to conserve energy for six-minute matches.

They eat well-balanced food containing enough fats, carbs and proteins at the right time and in the right portion. There is no place for junk food for professionals in the field.

Stronger Character

There is a list of traits that wrestling grows in one. Wrestlers should be disciplined to get up for early morning runs, motivated to reach the desired weight.

They need to be target-oriented to compete and win through difficulties, sacrifices and pain. Wrestling also grows your self-confidence because you can rely only on yourself and see progress.

Psychological Strength

When you do sports, not only physical but mental health also improves. You become tougher, acquire greater motivation and discipline regarding sports. Both wins and losses should be tolerated in a proper way and without any mental breakdowns. Wrestling is the right kind of sports to teach you that.

Healthy Competition

Any sport that is played fair teaches people how to compete decently and with respect. It is really helpful later in everyday life because it helps to find the right balance between healthy desire to win and outperform others compared to envy and jealousy that signals for wrong and unhealthy competition.

Physical Endurance and Self-Protection

Wrestlers are somewhat dangerous people when it comes to a physical altercation. They know how to protect themselves in any situation because they learn techniques on body positioning, controlling opponents, defending against several attackers, etc.

They have enough strength and endurance to withstand any threat.

Why You Need to Wrestle in High School or College?

Obviously, the choice depends on you. If you do not feel that you are up for it after reading this article, do not even try. However, if you still want to try and develop the best of your features, wrestling is exactly what you need to do.

You do not have to be worried that sports will take all of your time. Wrestling is about balancing education and sport. However, do not expect that ‘take it easy’ approach will be just fine for you. It won’t.

If you lack motivation but want to obtain a new source of it, wrestling is exactly what you need, we recommend looking up to people that have already been there, someone like brett favre agent can help you get all the motivation you neeb. By getting into this kind of sports, you will most definitely run far from boredom, depression, and questionable life decisions. You will be occupied and busy working on a result.

Engaging in wrestling will not necessarily make you a good sportsman who gets the scholarship. You will have to work hard to prove that you are the best.

However, being in the wrestling team will definitely positively reflect on your character, making you a better version of yourself.

Final Words

Wrestling is one of the best sports one can go for in high school and college. First of all, it is universally understood. Secondly, it is the right path to scholarship and higher education if you set this as your goal.

Thirdly, even if you do not make it through all wrestling seasons that are getting harder one by one, you are likely to develop a character of a warrior and an achiever.

You will become a self-motivated and target-oriented person whose physical and mental health are in full control. You will learn how to compete and defend yourself.


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