Bill validation 101

Inaccurate bills can be annoying. They can increase the cost of energy for your home or business and strain your budget. That’s why you should always consider undertaking bill validation. Among other things, bill validation helps you spot inaccuracies in your bills. It can also save you a lot of money. So, what’s energy bill validation? How is it done? Who can you enlist to undertake accurate bill validation? Well, keep reading to find out.


Utility billing management has long been an issue of concern for energy consumers. Inaccurate billing can push you into financial turmoil. And in most cases, you might not have the time to resolve billing issues yourself. Switching energy providers can also result in incorrect data building.

Types Of Bill Management

Here are common types of bill management:

Pre-Payment Validation 

This involved the checking of all involved pros to making the payments. This will give you an opportunity to correct discrepancies.

Post-Payment Validation 

This involves the checking of all invoices after payments have been made. This can be done every month.

 Retrospective Validation

At times, it’s important to review previous invoices to ensure that better bill management is achieved. Here, the energy management manager will check the bills from the last 6 years.

The Benefits of Bill Validation

Bill validation entails counter checking the bill to ensure that the figures are correct. It involves looking at every item of the bill. Things like dates, bill number, the amount owed, etc. form part of bill validation. Here are some benefits of bill validation:

Spot Errors

Your utility company can make errors when tabulating your bill. For instance, wrong meter reading can highly cost you. However, these errors can be spotted and corrected via bill validation.

Correct Errors

After spotting these errors, you can report them to your utility company and request for correction.

Avoid Being Overcharged

Inaccurate billing can lead to overcharging. You may end up paying an excessive amount of money towards settling the bill. However, bill validation ensures that every figure in the bill is correct. You won’t be overcharged by your utility company. The best part; you can hire an external party to help you with bill validation. So, don’t incur excessive bills due to errors. Conduct bill validation today!

Energy Management

Better energy management involves monitoring your energy usage. Conducting regular bill validation is one of the best ways to manage your energy use in your company. With bill validation, you will know the amount paid, when it is due, and any discrepancies. Still more, you will compare bills from different months. That’s not all, energy audits are based on figures obtained from the validated bills. Thus, if you want better energy management in your company, think about conducting regular bill validation.

When Switching Providers

If you are not careful, switching utility providers can result in the wrong bills. For instance, if the new provider puts you in the wrong plan, you may end up paying more money. That’s why you should conduct bill validation as soon as you receive your bills.

Better Planning

Bill validation helps you plan your business’s financial resources. In particular, you will have full control over your utility bills. You will only pay for what you have used.

The Bottom-Line

You deserve accurate bills. After all, you are the one who is paying the bills. That’s why the bills should be corroborated. Bill validation involves counter checking your bills to ensure everything is okay. The above guide will take you through bill validation and how it can benefit your business.

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