Betting on wrestling: A handy guide

Did you know that you can bet on WWE? It’s something that a lot of fans don’t think about, because, well, we all know that match outcomes are decided in advance, so how is it possible to bet on wrestling?

It’s possible because match outcomes are a closely guarded secret. Often, only the writers and the wrestlers know the outcome, and they’re banned from betting on outcomes.

If match outcomes do leak, which happens from time to time, bookmakers typically cancel the wagers and return the funds to players. This way, everybody is protected from manipulation.

Things to Know Before You Bet on Wrestling

Before you dive in and place a wager on your favourite wrestler, make sure you fully understand what you’re getting into.

  • Pick an Honest Site – Sadly, there are dishonest betting sites that won’t pay you if you win big. Make sure you do your research and bet with an honest operator.
  • Betting Bonuses – If you take a free bet bonus or another bonus, make sure you read this complete guide to wagering requirements Some bonuses aren’t so tempting once you fully understand them.
  • Understand Policies – Every betting site has policies. For example, if the match outcome leaks, your bets will be canceled. Make sure they will be returned in full if this happens. Also, make sure the policies are player-friendly in the event of event cancelations, etc.

What Sort of Things Can You Bet On?

It all depends on the betting site, but we’ve seen the following real money wagers offered across multiple sites:

  • Match Outcomes – This is the simplest thing to bet on. Who will win the Royal Rumble? Who will win the WrestleMania main event? Who will win matches on RAW and Smackdown? You can bet on winners of matches the same way you would in football or any other sport.
  • The Finisher – You can also bet on how the match will be won. Will it be settled with a wrestler’s signature finisher? Will it be a submission? Will it be a knockout with a chair? All of these outcomes can be wagered on at the best wrestling betting sites.
  • In-Play Outcomes – Some sites have even started offering live bets on WWE. You have to be quick to take advantage of these as they come and go in minutes. It could be something like, who will go over the top rope first? Who will get the first or next pin? In-play betting markets are still developing for wrestling and are basic, but they’re growing quickly.
  • Wrestling Slots – Did you know that there are now lots of WEE-themed slot machines? They’re wildly popular, and some of them offer large jackpots. This isn’t a bet on the match outcome, but it’s something to consider.

As you can see, the number of ways to bet on wrestling is growing. We predict that this will be one of the biggest betting markets in the next 5-10 years as more fans from around the world discover WWE and pro wrestling.

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