Betting on Seth Rollins & your other favorite wrestlers

Professional wrestling is a competitive sport with many fans based all over the world, from the very young to the old there is no age limit on who loves, and enjoys watching, and following the sport.

Wrestling has gained a huge following online, fans are betting on it, watching online matches, or simply trying to secure tickets to watch their favorite wrestler in person.

There are household names that  over the years have become great athletes, people you have come to know and love, some are still here and some unfortunately have passed away.

They have become icons that our children follow or want to be, with a Christmas list growing for them to secure the latest t-shirts, figures, and merchandise.

This is not just every little boy’s dream to become a wrestler, as the sport has many female wrestlers that are hugely successful, so has over the years become a sport with an equal following from girls and boys alike.

Who is Seth Rollins? And what does he weigh?

Seth Rollins is an American wrestler, trainer and now turned actor. Seth, as he is known, was born and named Colby Lopez he was born on May 28, 1986, in buffalo Iowa in America.

Seth started his career under a different name in 2005. He has now become fiancee to Rebecca Quinn, who is also a WWE wrestler and they have gone on to have a child.

Seth stands at a height of around 6ft 1in but is an amazing 98kg in weight, with a huge female following due to his amazing physique, it will certainly have a few men wanting to Get Fit Track to end up with a body like that!

He has definitely earned a fan base from everywhere, and through his various wins, and decisions made throughout his career is said to be worth an astonishing 10 million dollars.

How to enquire about the next wrestling matches online?

As wrestling has become such a big sport, it undoubtedly has to keep up with its fans’ demands for the latest matches, upcoming titles, who is dating who? The newest baby to have been born, the list goes on and on. Using your laptop or smartphone you can join a website that will just alert you about wrestling and no other sport.

Sport is no longer just available on mainstream tv channels or sports channels or paying out for tickets, access to your wrestling matches is online. For the matches you are unable to obtain tickets for, there may be choices to have a pay as you watch, access for certain titles that are in demand.

Can you still access historical matches?

Just because wrestlers retire at a young age does not mean to say all their work vanishes into thin air. Like many professionals that have made a great success out of their careers, they will have historical records of what titles they won, who they competed against, and information from when they appeared in the media and why.

Even if it is information that is personal, sports professionals come into the spotlight, and then their life is followed for many years to come. With wrestling sites online, you can still have available viewing of old matches and belts they acquired along the way. So finding a match you loved from years ago will still be available, even the ones you probably thought were never to be seen again.

Being able to follow your favorite wrestlers

With the world of social media at an all time high, following your favorite wrestlers and their progress is as easy as ordering your shopping online. Many professional sportspersons have their own Instagram, Fb, and TikTok accounts. This is where you can have complete access to their daily lives, what they are doing, and what they will be doing next.

This information is at hand to know where they are next competing and who the next opponent is in the ring. Unless they have retired from the sport, if that is the case you will be able to see the next projects they have lined up, where they may be traveling for the next public appearance they are going to be making. Whether this is to open a sports shop or appear as a guest on a talk show, whatever they may be doing you will be in the “know”.


Wrestling is still as big if not bigger than it has always been, finding and accessing the precise information online is simple to do. You can find out the latest titles up for grabs, or where your favorite wrestler gets their nutritional advice from. The list of your need to know can be satisfied by finding the right website with all your favorite information on.

Anything you want to know about any future or upcoming events will be at the touch of a button, giving you the first choice of securing your dream seating. Wrestling is something the whole family can enjoy, so why not see if a family ticket is available? Look for afternoon matches if you have smaller children and make the most of your family time.

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